10 Wedding Planning Apps
10 Wedding Planning Apps

Internet and high-technology gadgets have so-far made our daily work routine easy, or I would say straightforward. Today, with the comfort of home we can see what’s happening around the world, moreover, in a few clicks we can book the tickets and send e-invites to join for a special occasion like a wedding.

Most of the couples who thought that planning a wedding can be a stressful task then you might don’t know there are numerous mobile apps which are specially designed to low-down the hassle of wedding planning and arrangements. With these mobile apps, one can keep an eye on the stuff required for wedding and can also make a wedding to-do-list.

Whether you have just started the wedding planning or about to, these mobile apps would be your life-saver. So, let’s have a look at these mobile apps.

But, before getting delve, make sure to keep your mobile-in-hand. Here is a complete guide derived by Love Wedding Car Hire.

WeddingHappy (Free)

Think about this free app. The wedding happy mobile app is preloaded with the task to guide you through your wedding to-dos, and the app also alerts when any deadline is approaching. All you have to put your wedding date and the app comes with the schedule and an entire checklist and suggested due dates. The best part of the app is the majority of the features of app works without Wifi, which means you can get your planning done on the subway also.

Alongside, you can also arrange everything related to a wedding like the payment, vendor contacts and put mail-invites to guests, also. The Wedding Happy mobile app has the ability to sync with other users.

Tie The Knot (Free)

Tie The Knot, is another mobile wedding app which is easy to use and helps to keep an eye on every other stuff related to the wedding. The mobile app has the features to create a checklist, vendor details, guest list manager and also automatically sync your device.

Tie The Knot mobile app have an exciting countdown feature, with every other day passes by it alerts you with how many days are remaining for the wedding and what all the things need to be done.

The World’s Favorite Universal Wedding Registry – Honeyfund (free)

Described as the “World’s Popular Universal Wedding Registry” mobile app, Honeyfund is a must have for every couple. With this app, you can even make wedding donations, and receive useful gifts such as wedding pin. The Honeyfund app offers plenty of customisation options with which you can create your own wedding checklist and give a personal touch to wedding decor.

Wedding Planner by The Knot (Free)

Confused which app to consider for the wedding planning, then settle down on Wedding Planner by The Knot. From the customisation to 250,000 wedding vendors list, The Knot is a must-have wedding planning app for every couple. The app comes with various abilities like to create wedding checklist, invitation list and with the app, you can enjoy the tours of potential wedding venue as well. Not yet, The Knot, give recommendations for wedding flowers and dresses.


All the above-given app are amazing, but if you want an app just to get the basic ideas about the wedding dress, floral decor, wedding theme, wedding transportation and DIY wedding cards, then Pinterest would be your go-to app. Till date, Pinterest is one app where you can get ideas #inspiration for anything. Just select your particular category and explore the boards. Moreover, you can create your own wedding dream board. I’m sure you won’t be bored of using Pinterest.

Wedding Countdown (Free)

When the next time someone asks you “What is your wedding date”? So, you will say “After 480 kisses!” or “In 178,237 heartbeats” or precisely in 203,898 minutes, sounds exciting. Right? In wedding countdown app after entering the wedding date, your and partner name; you will get to see a countdown which says how many days, minutes and so on things remaining for the wedding. You can copy the app URL and send it your friends, family members, and wedding guests. The best part is you can personalize the app with your choice of song and can also add wedding photos.

Wedding Spot (Free)

Which one to go for, a perfect rustic outdoor theme or minimal sky-line indoor theme? If you are a typical bride who wants to make her wedding location Instagram Worthy, then Wedding spot should be in your pinch. With the help of the wedding spot app, you can have a view of more than 10,000 wedding venues also you can filter them down based on your budget, location, guest count and style.

Additionally, with this app, you can request a tour of the wedding venue directly.

Wedding LookBook (Free)

If you are confused about which wedding gown to go for, which confetti will match with the wedding dress? Then wedding Lookbook free app can be your lifesaver. Just mention what type of clothing you are looking for, and it will display you 100’s of bridal dresses for a modern or traditional wedding. Besides the clothes, you can also check engagement rings and wedding bands. Even able to get the perfect attire for the bridesmaids and flower girls.

Bride book (Free)

From creating the wedding to-do-list to sending invites, Bride book is an all-rounder wedding app that reminds you even when you forget the small tasks. The application allows you to take the 3D tour of the wedding venue and with the app, you can mix-match the jeweller to match your bridal gown. You can also keep an eye on your wedding expense and limit yourself. The app also inbuilt with the fantastic features of DIY, which means you can take suggestions like how to decorate the lunch table or to create own wedding bouquet.

Wed Pics (Free)

Wed Pics is an app which allows you and your guests to share the pictures and videos of your big day at one place. Ask the guests to download the app and drop the images here. You can personalise the photos, make a collage and share them also. Once all the snaps are in, you can order prints, so you have physical copies too.