You can use 123movies to find out where you can stream various movies online. Some are free with different subscriptions like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube Red, etc. but the newer ones you will be renting or buying.  It is a very professional website with almost no ads, and it will connect you to the website where you can stream to watch the movies of your choice. So it serves as a search engine for you so that you can easily find where to look of the movie you want to watch.

But one thing I noticed is that all the links point to Amazon Prime Video. I didn’t see any other streaming service links. So it may be just a hoax affiliate website which is sending you to Amazon Prime Video to earn money from the subscription people will buy. It is for you to decide by checking out this website, but if you ask me, it is just a hoax and not a big database of some online streaming movies info.

123movies To Stream Movies
123movies To Stream Movies

When I clicked on some of the links which I thought will lead me to a streaming website where I would be able to stream the movie online. It just leads me to Amazon Prime Video where that movie or series was not even available. Please don’t waste your time around this website and think that you will get some free 123movies to stream online. You will just make a 123fools of yourself.

Instead just use the real subscription services like Amazon Prime Video, Youtube Red, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Where you can find free and rental movies and series for real. No waste of time. You can search for your movies and series directly on these websites instead of going on 123movies to waste your time.

123movies To Stream Online
123movies To Stream Online

I got three of these subscription services and also HBO on demand and Xfinity on demand. There is so much good stuff to watch over there. So, now I don’t go to these fake websites which are there to just bait you so that you will buy various subscriptions using their affiliate link and make them money. Instead of falling prey to various illegal free online streaming movies and using these 123movies to get what you want, just spend a little money and get the real deal and high-quality video streaming.


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