Everyone has that one friend or family member who loves film. You know the type — that friend who can practically recite every line from The Godfather from memory (and tell you with a fiery passion that Part 2 was better). They probably know more about Alfred Hitchcock than anyone on the planet and are always quick to point out the MacGuffin in each of his films.

Thanks to your friend, you know all about sophisticated movie terms like MacGuffin and know all of the Hollywood gossips. But with the movie theatres closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the movie business has had to change the way it operates significantly.

There are no opening nights happening right now, and most people are watching films from home. Not going to the movies has been tough on most people, and particularly for die-hard movie lovers.

This holiday, why not bring the movies to them? Of course, nothing beats sitting in the theatre among dozens of other fans with that buttery popcorn smell lingering in the air, but with a little creativity, you can deliver some of that sweet movie magic to your beloved cinephile.

Check out these three-holiday gift ideas every film-lover will love.

1. Satellite TV

With the right satellite TV packages, you can enjoy endless movie channels. Find a provider that offers a wide variety of packages that suit your budget and needs.

The right service provider will also offer outstanding in-class customer support and the opportunity to select specialty movie networks, such as Movie Time and Turner Classic Movies.

With satellite, you have such a large selection of channels to choose from, and there is always something exciting to watch. Your friend will appreciate the kind gesture and probably spend the rest of the winter glued to the couch, catching up on all of the classics.

2. A Movie Poster

A movie poster is a beautiful addition to any home. If you don’t already know what some of your loved one’s favorites are, ask them about their top three movies of all time. When you decide on the right one, check out websites such as Etsy and eBay for customized film posters.

Give yourself a little time because the timing of shipping can be unpredictable. If you want to impress your friend, have the poster professionally framed!

Professional framing is sometimes costly, so find a good framing company in your area to ensure outstanding quality. Alternatively, visit your local craft and art supply stores to find sales on picture frames.

3. The Cinephile Card Game

Perhaps the ultimate gift for any self-proclaimed cinephile is the game of Cinephile itself. The card game is an engaging activity where players must identify images of actors playing cards.

As the first player draws a card, players take turns naming a movie in which the card’s actor appeared. When a player can’t name another film that hasn’t already been called, the subsequent player has a chance to steal. The game is an excellent opportunity for your friend to show off their movie knowledge, and they’ll be so grateful for the thoughtful gift.

Movies lovers are a unique group of people. Let the film buff in your life know how much you appreciate them with these personalized holiday gifts.