There are many different chat apps online, ranging from a random stranger to filtered stranger apps that focus on anything from multiple subjects, child safe sites dating sites and adult sites.

The success of a site is based on three factors, the number of active participants at any given time, the ease of access (Registration and Pricing) and the ease of use (GUI).

In this article, I present to you with the 34 leading English-speaking chat sites, which give you plenty of variety and opportunity to meet the perfect stranger.

Oh, and guess what, Omegle, Emerald Chat and some others are not featured here, that’s like featuring Google and Bing in a Search App review. Let’s give someone else a chance too, OK!?

I have arranged the order Alphabetically, this reduces any bias, except that related to the name.

  • Azar


Azar is an Android and iOS chat app with around 10 million registered users. This app has a gender and location filter so you can focus your search for specific reasons.

Azar includes Video over IP with 3G/4G and WIFI connectivity, and you can add friends to create a not so stranger full list. The service is secure and free with video, text and VoIP options.

  • Anonymous Chat Rooms

Anonymous Chat Rooms

This is an anonymous random stranger chat app for Android and iOS, as the name suggests. It comes with an additional set of features including a truth and dare game, and an ask personal question chat room.

  • Badoo

Badoo chat has over 405 million subscribers, and this makes it one of the largest there is. While it is new, it’s part of the Chinese Badoo group and is multilingual (38 languages to choose from). It comes with a neat “locational” feature for finding strangers near your location as well as a gender filter.

You have to register to use it, and they require a name, birthdate, and email. You can add a photo to your profile too. Its PC, Android, and iOS compatible.

  • BeeTalk


BeeTalk is a free stranger chat app that comes with a doodle and some neat stickers you can use to send during the chat.

This site offers group chat as well as create and join clubs; another neat feature is the “whisper” message that disappears after it has been read by the recipient.

  • Cake

A close up of a logo Description generated with very high confidence

The cake is an android and iOS live stream video chat app that comes with both a free and a paid-for a subscription. One interesting feature is the solo press button option that finds you a total stranger to chat with on video. This app comes with plenty of anonymous chat rooms or live public broadcast rooms you can join.

  • Cipher


Cipher is a secure chat app, which encrypts messages, and you can safely transfer delicate information without worries of being hacked. This app secures the messages with a digital signature and unique ID so that only people with the passcode can access the data.

  • Chat for Strangers by FunPokes

Chat for Strangers By FunPokes

Chat for Strangers is a chat suite (text, VoIP, and Video) for Android and iOS users. This app gives you an age and gender filter, so you can be secure in chatting with legally aged strangers. You also get a picture sharing option with this app.

  • ChatOften


ChatOften is a popular stranger chat app for iOS users. This app lets you create a detailed profile with a photo for sharing, and has a subscription model that opens up extra functions.

  • Chatous


Chatous is a mobile and PC random stranger chat app that syncs the chat across platforms. This is a classic random stranger app with #hashtag keyword selection to find likeminded people for a chat.

  • is a chatting app for Android and iOS users. This app comes with a shuffle option; this means you can see who is online and ready to chat. The platform is designed for chatting and flirting safely and comes with a secret, confessions or gossip mode.

  • Fake Chat

Fake Chat

Fake Chat provides you with two services, it is a direct message app for Android and iOS, as such it lets you start a chat with strangers for free. The second feature is the fake chat feature that allows you to send and receive fake media, which is often used in pranking or in hiding subversive activities.

  • Flurv


Flurv is a stranger online chatting and dating app that connects you with users from all over the world. You can filter to meet strangers online that live near you, or just choose one of the many millions of users from around the globe. The main feature is the ability to see who looked at your profile. If you want access to all the features, you need to buy a paid subscription.

  • Hitwise


Hitwe is a small random chat app for Android and iOS platforms. It has around 10,000 users and does not restrict use. It is fast, and extremely random, and has a friend’s platform option with stickers and emojis for texting.

  • hi5


hi5 is an anonymous chat platform; it caters to full stranger chat, where you can hide your name, location, and other information. As such, it delivers total anonymity and provides you with a set of filters to set location, age, and gender as well as keywords.



HOLLA is one of the most popular random chat sites at the moment and sits on the top favorite lists of many sites. HOLLA lets you filter and search to the degree that others do not, as such you can focus your “stranger” to specific attributes. It also includes a feature which will disregard finds and people you chatted with before and only give you total strangers.

  • Kampus


Kampus is an anonymous chat app with photo sharing and the standard set of signup, login and manages profile features. Since its an anonymous site you can meet strangers without giving away any personal information.



LOVOO is a photo searchable dating site, its aimed at connecting strangers with each other based on location preference. You get to chat online, see each other’s photos and then decide to meet.

  • Meet4U


Meet4u is a flirt, date and meet chat site aimed at connecting total strangers online in Android and iOS platforms. This is a free site, and you get to share a photo, videos, voice and other media files You can also see when your matched stranger was last online.

  • MeetMe


MeetMe is another popular free stranger chat app that works on Android and iOS platforms. This is a standard app that comes in a number of language options. If you buy a subscription, you will unlock extra features.

  • Mico


Mico is an android and iOS cha app for meeting strangers. You can sign in anonymously, or use your Facebook account. It is multilingual, and you can use this feature to find people using your native language.

  • Moco


Moco is a great and popular flirt, date and meets app for Android and iOS users. This one comes with some amazing features that include a full range of filters including age, gender, location, sexual preference, and others. As such you can narrow and focus your search to a very specific stranger profile, and you get stickers, emoji apps, themes and more.

  • psst

Psst Anonymous

psst is a Facebook secret chat app for android users. You need Facebook to use this, and you can then chat in private with anyone on Facebook anonymously. You also get to block people too.

  • Qeep


Qeep is a very large and popular stranger chat app for Android and iOS with over 20 million listed users.

This app includes a photos sharing option, as well as a nearby function for speed dating.

  • SayHi Chat

SayHi Chat

SayHi Chat has an amazing geolocation option; this lets you easily find strangers by their location as well as create a fake GPS position for yourself. This app comes with free video chat, emojis/ text emojis; share pictures click by 3d camera apps and much more.

  • Scandal


Scandal is one a large community chat site with multiple rooms to choose from. The site is international, and you get to meet with random strangers online for basic chat. There is also a dating section that comes with some neat options, such as sharing funny pics, photos, stickers, videos and more.

  • Skout


Skout is another security minded app, where strangers are totally obscured using their hidden information option. This app comes with millions of users from around the world and provides some interesting filter and search options.



SPARK is a free social messaging app for Android and iOS. This text-based app was designed to work like Twitter, and comes with a selfie mode with emoji’s so you can share your status online with total strangers.

  • Stranger By Brainsoft

Stranger By Brainsoft

Stranger by Brainsoft uses an interesting algorithm to match you with new friends and strangers from over 200 countries. Once you start a chat, you can decide to change the strangers status to a friend and keep them for future conversations. This app comes with a private dating room option too.

  • Stranger Chat & Date

Stranger Chat Date

Stranger Chat & Date is a new Android and iOS dating platform that is totally free and what is really great about it is that there is no need to register or log in or use payment details. This is a complete anonymous platform as these platforms were intended to be from the start.

  • Twoo


Twoo is a classic dating and flirting platform that connects people together. It is only really effective when you pay for the subscription, but when you do you get access to some amazing features including millions of users that you can search and filter by age and location.

  • Wakie


Wakie is a social app that aims to connect people with a desire to ask, learn and teach. The concept is a stranger connectivity platform for professional or social services. You ask a question; you get an answer, you hope it’s the right answer, so do I.

  • Waplog


Waplog has 60 million members from more than 25 countries. This app is a dating app designed to help you find your stranger for a serious dating experience. You get to filter by age, gender, and location. The app features a free service and a VIP Boost service for extra visibility. This is not a random chat site per-se, since it comes with a rigid verification system, designed to protect the users from scammers.

  • Whisper


Whisper is another online chat community that uses the PR message of “sharing secrets” and ideas with strangers. This app comes with Android and iOS compatibility and lets you share photos, thoughts, and more stuff. OK, it’s a basic chat site like all the others.

  • Zooroom


Zooroom is the last but not least in their review. It starts with the letter “Z” so there you are. This app is designed with user comfort in mind, as such its easy on the mobile battery usage. You don’t need to register to use this app, but you do need to create a new chat room to chat with strangers, which you can share as a link with friends and other strangers.


So there you have it, 34 apps for chatting, dating, sharing photos and secret messages and guess what, they are all the same. Honestly, there are differences in functionality, where the more popular ones get densely populated and have hundreds of millions of users, and the less functional ones will die out slowly.

Functionality is GUI; it’s a mixture of the following features:

  1. Multi-lingual, to attract as many users as possible.
  2. Free, to allow connectivity at a basic level, including chatting and video chatting with strangers.
  3. Filter, to include as many filter options so you can focus your search on a specific group of strangers.
  4. Secure, where you are totally anonymous if you want to be.
  5. VIP paid, where you do get a paid for service for added features, but not at the expense of good free experience.


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