In the last few decades, the education sector has changed immensely, thanks to technology and information that continue to enrich teaching-learning experiences. From electronic classroom boards, gamified learning, game-based learning to use of gadgets in learning institutions, we all would agree that a lot is currently taking place in the academia, and more is coming. In this post, we explore the best educational apps for both teachers and students that have had a great impact on the way knowledge is dispensed and acquired.

However, before taking a nosedive into the details, here are a few things you should note.

The significance of apps in education

Of course, every teacher and student now uses a certain app both in and out of the classroom. Whether it is to access eBooks or e-libraries, a lot has changed in the past few years. These apps benefit teachers and students in many ways, with some even making it easy to place an order for college papers online. Here are a few reasons why educational apps have become indispensable:

  • More convenience in teaching and learning. Today, everything has been digitized and compressed into easily accessible formats, which means, no more carrying books around.
  • Speed in accessing learning material through learning apps.
  • More engagement and interactivity in the classroom. Because these apps run on specific devices such as mobile phones and tablets, students now find learning more fun and engaging than ever before. In fact, they learn a lot within a very short time.
  • Educational Apps help acquaint students with emerging technologies, which means, most learners today are best suited for a fast-evolving world towards a future of artificial intelligence.

Best apps for schoolers and students

Thus far, let’s take a look at the best apps for students and educators.

Quick Maths

Maths is one of the many unsettling subjects for most students, but that shouldn’t be the case anymore, especially with the advent of learning apps like Quick Maths. Suited to students between grade 2 and 6, quick maths makes it easy to learn numbers, thus, a great way of realizing steady improvement in the subject. It also helps kids tackle number difficulties in the easiest of ways.


In this app developed by the National science foundation (NSF), students have access to among other things, engineering news, advanced science, images and videos that make the learning of the subject easy. The content in this app is of high quality and authentic, not to mention that every week, new ones are added. With the help of NSF, Science360, which is limited to tablets, contain learning materials collected from scientists and universities around the world.

My Molecularium

Gamified and game-based learning approaches are meant to make education fun and thrilling. That is what students get with My Molecularium, a chemistry teaching-learning app making it easy to understand advanced concepts regarding molecular structure, skeletal formulas and chemical formulas.

Spelling Stage

Sometimes students make grave spelling mistakes that are notwithstanding costly to essay assignments. However, with an app like Spelling Stage, that shouldn’t be the case anymore. It contains practical spelling lessons cutting across different age groups such as pre-schoolers and adults.

Crossword puzzles

There are many ways of becoming a smart kid, and with an app like crossword puzzle, you are only days away from becoming a pro is problem solving and critical thinking. It is one of the best educational apps on play store for both students and schoolers.


Virtual reality is now becoming even more real in educational, especially with the dawn of teaching-learning apps like ClassDojo. It brings to together parents, students, and teachers onto a collaborative platform. Thus, it does not only enhance communication but also provides a platform where say; parents can monitor the progress of their kids without having to step into school.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, there are as many educational apps as you would wish for, but, it is imperative to note one must choose the best one for a given situation. Whether it is for accessing thesis writing service or digital content, students and teachers continue to have many options as more inventive technologies continue to dominate the academic sector.


  1. The post looks great. The article explores the 5 Best Educational Apps for Schoolers and Students. It reveals that ‘In the last few decades, the education industry has changed greatly, owing to technology and information that persist to develop teaching-learning experiences. From electronic classroom boards, gamified learning, game-based learning to use of gadgets in learning institutions, the impact of technology is obvious.


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