Software professionals face a hard time in dealing with lots of numbers and data. Yet, they can manage it with time billing software exclusively for them.

Moreover, clients require proof of their work in terms of time spent beside the end deliverables. This is why employees are obligated to track the time consumed in each task and project.

However, not all time billing software offers the solution to software engineers. So, the software must reduce tedious work and efficiently monitor the progress of work from the start till the completion.

Here’s a list of five significant time billing software for software employees.


BigTime offers thirty timesheet formats exclusively designed for the IT sector. It has a varied choice of system transformations to fit them to your needs.

Also, it can easily incorporate time and expense data into it. You can view the resource allocation from a bird’s eye view to avoid over-scheduling tasks.

Invoicing becomes faster with tracking the billing rates, drafts, and billing rules smoothly through the BigTime’s central hub.

Other Features

  1. Track the time and expense in online and offline
  2. It has project management tools like Gantt charts, task tracking, and workflow management inbuilt.
  3. Available as a mobile app on both android and iPhone.


It is financially challenging for a Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) to invest in the large time billing software.

In those cases, Freshbooks is a boon. It performs faster and detailed financial record keeping. Any freelancing software professional or small scale IT industry can easily access this multi-integrated tool.

Additionally, the templates are so easy to understand and use. It has five million small business customers as well.

Other Features

  1. You can access the automated tool to prioritize the task.
  2. It has a customizable feature to redesign the dashboard for your convenience.
  3. Sync invoicing data across all devices with multi-currency options.
  4. The in-app purchase rate starts at $6 with a free trial prior to it.

Paypro Workforce Management

In the large software industry, it is confusing to manage the data from the recruitment processes. HR professionals struggle to maintain a performance record of the new hires.

To overpower these conditions, a management system like Paypro Workforce Management is necessary. This single time billing software organizes and presents the data whenever needed, from employee time tracking to cost control.

Demanding tasks like tuition reimbursements, volunteering initiatives, medical benefits can be processed by HR professionals.

Besides, it is of great use to other software employees to manage payment preferences and file payroll tax returns.

Other Features

  1. Suitable for large enterprises with more than 10,000 employees.
  2. Mitigate FLSA compliance risks and improve cost control.
  3. Separate management sheets for overtime calculation.


Are you busy enough that you don’t have time to collect and manage reports? Then, TimeCamp is a tremendous tool as it automates these tasks skillfully.

Its extensive database handles the progress report to the clients. This one robust tool is suitable for any software industry, no matter how small or big it is.

Other Features

  1. From delegating tasks to tracking time, TimeCamp has a strong presence.
  2. This time billing software prepares invoices based on the reports and emails to the clients directly.
  3. It also serves as a project management tool bridging the communication gap within the team.


Everyone prefers easy transactions of money, like online payment, which can be facilitated through Elorus seamlessly.

Be it a full-time software professional or a freelancer; you can build and send the invoices within a few minutes in this time billing software.

Elorus establishes a systematic follow-up pattern to track your clients to pay their dues on time via online transactions.

Other Features

  1. Tracks purchase orders, recurring payments, and many more.
  2. Both you and your client can review the transaction history.
  3. Initiate multiple billing rates readily.

The Bottom line

Are you an engineer? What kind of software do you use to minimize the work? Please share it in the comments with us.