With children growing up in a digital world, they have easy access to phones computers and other electronic gaming gadgets. Today, almost every child plays video games. While most parents would be happy if their little one’s gaming was educational, computer games are for entertainment. When played in moderation, age-appropriate gaming does not have negative effects.

Constant entertainment through computer games increases the desire for immediate entertainment in children. This affects their listening skills and decreases their concentration span. Some children play excessively and refuse to do anything else. World Health Organization declared excessive gaming as a mental health condition. Too much gaming can have negative effects on a child. As a parent, you should not cut access to gaming for your child, but instead, teach them to maintain a healthy balance between gaming and other activities. The following are ways that can help you limit your child’s gaming.

Gaming with your children

Take time and give your child a chance to teach you one of their favorite games and if you want to get them into playing something new, there are loads of ideas over on star walk kids. The game can be challenging but show your child you are willing to learn something new. Your open-mindedness will help the child be receptive of what you ask of them. Relating to them on a gaming level will increase their chances of listening to what you suggest.

Arrange active indoor or outdoor activities

Has a parent, you should be involved in life if your child. Help to plan alternative activities for your children. You can make thing more interesting by including your children’s friends. Check out your local community center, newspapers or schools for local youth programs. Communities can organize hikes, sports programs, adventure trips or other interesting outdoor activities for kids. These kinds of activities will help keep your little one’s active while at the same time reducing the amount of time they spend gaming.

Acknowledge your children efforts in reducing gaming

When you ask your child to reduce the time they spend gaming, you are asking them to cut on something they love. They make a certain degree of sacrifice. When you acknowledge and offer your approval, they feel encouraged and better about themselves. This will encourage them more to reduce the time they spend playing video games.

Have meals together as a family

Video gaming is mostly a solitary affair. Kids can be in one room, but each one is playing in parallel. Having meals together provides an important opportunity for communication. Having meals together means children have to get out of the gaming bubble. The family exchanges ideas, bonds, and checks on each other. If they choose, the children can talk about their progress and accomplishments in gaming.

Start a long-term project for your child

Children rarely think of long term projects. Children have goals and interests. Find out what interests your child and tap into a project that is their passion. Show them the importance of planning and budgeting time and resources to get rewards. The project can be building a guitar, restoring an old car, making a boat, sewing a dress or any other project that might interest your child.

Digital and media devices are an integral part of our life. They have many benefits when used moderately but can have negative effects on kids when used excessively. The above tips can play a major role in reducing the time your child spends playing video games.