If you are reading this then you’re most likely looking to start scaling¬†a¬†business for growth, and that can be exciting but also scary. You want to make sure you have a thorough plan and be properly prepared otherwise things can go south real quick.

So whether you are going to open new locations or adding new products to your inventory, you’re going to want to know how to properly scale a business.

Scaling a Business

Being able to scale your business is all about effectively executing a proper plan. You will also need the capability and capacity to grow.

1. Planning Properly

The first step of planning is making sure you’re ready for growth. You can’t expand your business without having the capacity for it.

  • Can your business handle the increase in orders without falling apart?
  • Have you researched the cost estimates and made sure your business will be able to provide the proper funds?

Making sure you have the proper accounting setup is crucial to your business success. There are quite a few choices out there for you if you want to choose the right one for your business look at Wave vs Quickbooks for some good insight.

You will also want to look at the possible forecast

  • New customers
  • New orders
  • Possible revenue
  • Expenses
  • Staffing

During an interview about entrepreneurs building their business, Vincent Mifsud, CEO of Scribblelive said that many startups and businesses burn through cash excessively because of poor planning.

The more detailed you are the better. Spreadsheets are a great resource for keeping records and reviewing business details. This will get you as accurate a forecast as possible so you are well equipped and prepared.

2. Conducting Sales

If you want to grow, then you’re going to have to expand your selling. You will want to have a good plan that will generate more sales.

  • Have a system to manage leads
  • Have the proper amount of sales staff
  • Have a billing system set in place

Have the correct systems in place so you are well prepared.

3. Your Competition

Find out who you are competing against. Now only will this help you determine what sets your business apart from others, but it can also show you what you need to work on to improve your own business

4. Good Staff

Do you have enough staff to handle the new business coming in? Look at your specific industry and find out what the typical business uses when it comes to staffing vs. customers.

Not only do you need the staff, but you need the right staff. This may seem obvious, but you want to only hire qualified individuals. It’s too easy to find help, so you want to make sure you find the right help.

5. Start Networking

Effectively scaling a business and becoming successful revolves around good networking. This is key to just about everyone’s success.

Look for leaders in your specific industry and start following them. See what they do and say, after all, they are the experts.

Are You Prepared?

Scaling a business can either be extremely difficult without preparation or it can be successful with little to no issues. It’s all about being prepared, having a plan and know yourself and your business.

If you follow these important tips then your well on your way to being successful with your business, now get the proper tools in place and start planning!