Fitness Mentor
Fitness Mentor

In order to truly succeed at any endeavor in life, we need mentorship. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning about computers, trying to succeed in business, or studying for an exam.

Mentorship is crucial for success in any endeavor, from term paper writing to fitness which is certainly no exception to that rule. Whether you’re completely new to fitness or a 7-year fitness veteran, a mentor will help accelerate your progress to the next level.

Below are 5 reasons why you need a fitness mentor!

1. Proper technique & form

If you’re looking to actually make progress with your fitness goals, proper technique and form are absolutely critical. There is no sense in doing any exercise if you’re not utilizing the proper technique. Sure, there are some exercises that may require minimal technique or may appear self-explanatory, but you’re putting yourself at risk by not seeking out guidance.

A mentor who possesses advanced knowledge and experience can embellish you with the information you need to exercise properly. Not only can they show you the proper technique with which to perform an exercise, but they’ll be able to watch you perform those same exercises and offer constructive criticism. All persons, and especially novices, tend to go way too slow or exaggerate with their routines. Mentors will tell you exactly what to do and what’s best, why you should do it. You might feel like using those weightlifting chains while doing some dips or bench pressing. However, you might not be prepared physically to assume such improvement. Mentors and your body will be your guidance.

Some of the most successful athletes in the world always seek the help of a mentor. It allows them to truly maximize their workouts and prevent injury. Seeking the help of mentor may require you to lower your ego and temporarily swallow your pride, but it’s much better than hurting your back or breaking a bone because you weren’t willing to ask for help.

2. Learn new skills and activities

By choosing to constantly hit the gym alone, you’re limiting your exposure to the unique experience, knowledge, and perspective of your peers. A lot of us have a tendency to try new exercises and activities when we start working out. After a while, however, we have a tendency to get into a routine and stick to a lot of the same exercises we’re comfortable with.

Committing to a routine is great for building healthy habits, but can be detrimental to our overall growth. Sticking to the same lifts, same runs, same warm-ups, and same gym, can potentially lead to boredom and a plateau in our performance.

A mentor is likely to have a unique set of experiences that they can introduce us to. They might have different types of exercises that could augment our repertoire of workouts, or even teach us better variations of workouts we’ve supposedly already mastered.

3. Makes succeeding easier

There is no such thing as an easy route to a healthy body. Being healthy takes time and hard work. There are, however, shortcuts to succeeding in our fitness journey. The best way to achieve a goal in life is to find someone who has already accomplished what we want to accomplish, and then duplicates what they did to achieve that goal.

Achieving our fitness goals is actually rather simple. Contrary to some of our limiting beliefs, we have a tendency to complicate things. Whether it’s losing weight, getting six-pack abs, or building bigger shoulders, there’s almost always an easier, more efficient way to hit those goals.

If you want to hit your goal and do it in a manner that requires the least amount of research and headache, then you definitely need a mentor. Find someone, whether it’s online or in-person, who has the results you want and inquire about their methods. Then duplicate their methods and watch yourself attract success.

Success doesn’t have to be long and complicated. Someone has already built the blueprint for us. We just need to follow the blueprint.

4. Holds you accountable

One of, if not the biggest, reason a lot of people don’t achieve their fitness goals is because of a lack of accountability. In many cases, people set goals, create a plan of action, and then fail to follow through on that plan of action. Their failure to follow through could be for a variety of reasons like losing motivation, personal challenges, unexpected demands at work, unexpected demands at school, injuries, or sheer laziness.

A mentor can serve as one of the best sources of accountability. When we try to achieve certain goals by ourselves and have not shared those goals with anyone else, it becomes a lot easier to slack off. If we decide to share our goals with others, we have a tendency to generate a greater sense of self-responsibility.

Feel free to commit to achieving certain goals and put together a plan of action to achieve those goals. Find a mentor who can help critique your plan and periodically check on you. Work with your mentor to form a system of accountability, whether it’s meeting once per month for coffee, calling each other on a weekly basis, or even texting each other on a daily basis.

5. Pushes you harder than you’ll ever push yourself

Although our drive to push ourselves is largely driven by internal motivation, we will almost always push ourselves harder when we have someone standing by our side. A lot of us strive to achieve results through sheer willpower. Unfortunately, willpower can only take us so far. In order for us to get to the next level, we need to put ourselves in an environment that automatically elevates our performance.

A personal fitness mentor, who encourages you through every workout, creates the kind of environment that will push you to new heights. A mentor who shouts at you and motivates you to perform one more rep after you’ve already pushed yourself to exhaustion will inspire you to maximize your potential. Even the most self-motivated athletes reach new levels of strength when they realize that someone else is watching them.

In ending, you don’t necessarily need a personal mentor to succeed in fitness. You can learn everything on your own, push yourself toward your goals, and live a healthy life. You will, however, be selling yourself a bit short.

By bringing on a mentor, you will achieve so much more than you, and others around you, have thought you were capable of. If you choose to bring on a mentor, you will learn a lot and push yourself to new levels. Immerse yourself in mentorship and, who knows; it may just change your life!

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