The online casino industry is hugely competitive. And, as you might expect, an industry that is ultra-competitive is one that inevitably fosters a lot of innovation. That competitivity is not just seen among the casino operators jostling to get players to their sites; notably, it’s at the software developer level where the push for innovation is arguably more fertile. You’ll see the top developers at international gaming conventions pushing new tech trends, and it looks like it will lead to an exciting future.

Here are five of the most interesting that will change the face of online casinos:

Skill Games

How do you get younger people interested in casinos? Well, the idea mooted by developers and the casino execs is to create games that truly resemble video games, and then monetize them. Companies like Gamblit have already launched skill-based casino games featuring everyone’s favorite arcade classic, Pac-Man. To be fair, most games are at the prototype stage, and there is a long road ahead. But this is going to be huge in the 2020s and beyond.

Connected Games

Playtech’s recent launch of Kingdoms Rise slots feels like a watershed moment in terms of connected games. You can view them now at the range of mobile slots, with titles including Guardians of the Abyss and Forbidden Forest. What makes these games important in terms of tech? Well, they are linked – truly linked. The Kingdoms Rise range features four separate games that you can flip between through an interactive map, and features collected in one game impact the others. Other connected features include a shared jackpot and a shop where you can purchase special bonus features for any of the games. Revolutionary stuff.


Virtual reality, as well as mixed and augmented reality, have arguably been the most frequently heard buzzwords at the huge casino conventions like G2E and ICE over the last few years. How far are we away from popping on an Oculus type headset and heading to a VR casino? Not far. But what you are going to see is a more immersive experience with the live dealer tables. The suggestion is that we might move away from classic games like roulette and blackjack towards a live arena offering a more video game type experience.

Connected Jackpots

We mentioned connected games above, and Kingdoms Rise really looks like a special trendsetter, but there has been a system of linking progressive jackpots through different games. Why is this important? Well, consider that a progressive jackpot is funded by taking a small percentage from each bet. If you have 10 games offering the same jackpot, and those games are linked across different casinos and different countries, then you end up with an economy of scale situation. In short, bigger jackpots than ever before.

Tailored Experiences

One of the tremendous aspects of technology is that we are able to shape it around our tastes and comfort. Casino games and casino sites are tapping into that area like never before, allowing you to change in-game settings to create a unique experience like never before. On a more serious note, you can also access many tools that shape the casino’s sites to your needs. That can mean setting responsible gambling limits for your deposits, the number of losses and the amount of time you can spend playing games. It’s an important step, and admirably as many casinos have pre-emptively got ahead of government regulation to ensure players have the option to play responsibly.