Computer Technology Association, CompTIA is one of the globally recognized corporations in the IT certification field. With over 2 million professionals certified in the last 2 decades, many organizations in the world rely on CompTIA certified professionals to deploy their businesses effectively. To understand the CompTIA certification process, we are going to dive into SY0-501 exam and its related badge.

CompTIA SY0-501 Test Description

CompTIA SY0-501 is an exam that is designed to help professionals understand the principles of risk management and network security. Taking SY0-501 shows that you are looking forward to gaining skills in the installation and configuration of the systems. This assessment equips the professionals with the skills in:

  • Identifying strategies initiated by cyber adversaries to intrude into a network system as well as coming up with the countermeasures to safeguard the system;
  • Understanding the principles of enterprise security and elements of security policies;
  • Installation and configuration of networks as well as host-based technologies;
  • Summarizing the applications as well as coding vulnerabilities by developing mitigation methods or algorithms.

This CompTIA test is delivered via Pearson VUE on the selected testing centers. Candidates also can take this exam online. Furthermore, it is structured to have 90 questions which can be of multiple-choice or performance-based format. Every candidate who attempts this assessment is expected to score 750 points (on a scale of 100-900) and complete it within 90 minutes. As part of the exam registration, the exact price which one is supposed to pay is $349. There are no formal requirements to be eligible for CompTIA SY0-501 but the vendor recommends that you have the Network+ badge and possess two-year experience in IT administering.

CompTIA Security+ Details

Upon successful completion of test SY0-501, a professional will be awarded the CompTIA Security+ credential which confirms the baseline skills a professional requires to deploy core security functions in a system. This credential is the most popular in the IT security sector because of the following key facts:

  • It is the only credential which focuses on assessing the hands-on skills in cybersecurity through the performance-based questions;
  • It complies with ISO 17024 standards;
  • This badge focuses on the latest development, inventions, techniques, and innovations on risk mitigation, risk management, intrusion detection, and threat management.

Top Tips for Passing CompTIA SY0-501 Exam

CompTIA assessments are never easy nuts to crack and candidates are required the best techniques to nail them. So is SY0-501. With the experience of taking several certification exams, we’re very glad to share with you the top secrets to hack this CompTIA test and score high. Here are the secrets that can give you the best grades.

A good study guide

Having a guide that clearly shows the steps which you should take during your prep is always a perfect technique to hack the actual exam. The study guide allows you to learn in a more relaxed environment. After all, you are never worried about what can be featured in the test because the study guide goes in line with the exam objectives which the examiners use to set the real assessment. One of the best study guides found on Amazon to launch your test prep process is CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: Exam SY0-501 by Emmett Dulaney and Chuck Easttom.

Training Courses

It is very crucial to train on the key topics which make up SY0-501 exam. One of the best ways to train is to find an instructor-led course that captures all the necessary concepts you need to know. With the instructor-led training offered by the vendor, you can get access to training on your own or with groups. As a determined candidate who wants to hack the actual test, you should ensure that you have not skipped any class because the examiners can test on any concept regardless of your coverage. Therefore, you should not leave any stone unturned during the training.


It is always important to test yourself before you embark on the actual assessment. Exam dumps that are found on the website are going to be of great use in your hacking process, cause they are designed in a similar way to that of the main test. Therefore, if there is any tool that should help you get the real picture of SY0-501, then it is free and paid exam dumps. Free dumps for this test are accessible once you check the while a paid braindump goes together with a study guide and a video tutorial at $59,99. The paid dump was thoroughly checked by the IT experts for you to nail SY0-501 easily.

ETE Exam Simulator

Once you have prepared enough, it’s important to wind up your preparation by using the ETE Exam Simulator which is an educational tool designed for candidates to open Exam-labs’s dumps. It allows one to edit, create, and similarly take tests with the real exam environment. With this ultimate software, you can manage to take topical questions and analyze your score.

Time management

Time is crucial in ensuring that you hack your exam successfully. As you remember, every candidate is required to complete the SY0-501 exam within 90 minutes. Therefore, you must track your time during your entire preparation before taking the actual assessment. You should be able to answer all the questions and review all the answers you have provided before the time ends.

Career Opportunities

After you have gained the CompTIA Security+ certification, many employers would like to hire you for such job roles as Security Administrator, Security Engineer or Network Engineer, among the rest. As Payscale reveals, Security+ certified professionals earn an average annual salary of $74,000.


With the high rise of cyberbullying and other crimes, the need for professionals with cybersecurity skills is not going to stop soon. Passing the CompTIA SY0-501 exam can be a stepping stone to success because you will be equipped with the most in-demand skills in the industry. Download the best exam dumps from and your preparation will be lively and effective. And remember that by doing this, you’ll be one step closer to attaining the desired CompTIA Security+ credential. We wish you good luck with your exam prep!