Do you want to know how to use Instagram stickers for Stories in your business?

Instagram Stories continue to appeal to professionals. And you can count on Instagram to offer features intended to enhance their attractiveness.

The photo and video sharing application offers a wide variety of Instagram stickers that can be integrated into your Stories. Today, we will study some of them, with, for example, the survey sticker or the countdown sticker, but note that the catalog of Instagram stickers is regularly evolving. Now let’s see how to use 5 types of Instagram stickers to make your brand content more interactive and engaging.

1: Instagram question sticker

 The Instagram question sticker allows you to connect with your community, either by exchanging questions and answers or by receiving feedback on a specific question.

Several concepts are possible:

– Your community asks the questions. For example, you organize a question and answer session during which you invite your audience to ask you questions on a specific topic or on your company, your products, your services. When you swipe up from your story, you’ll see the questions you’ve received. You share the selected questions in a new clip of your Story and provide an answer. Note that the photo and the user name that asked the question are not displayed.

– You are asking a question. You question your audience on a particular aspect of your business, your products, your services, or on their expectations and needs. With this sticker, your community has the option of providing a point of view in the form of a free-response rather than through predetermined responses (as with the Instagram survey sticker).

2: Countdown Instagram sticker

The countdown Instagram sticker allows you to start a countdown until the date and time of your choice. It is interesting to generate interest before an event, activate a product pre-launch phase, generate sales or leads by producing a sense of urgency or limited time.

The name, date, time, and color of the sticker are customizable.

When users see the Instagram countdown sticker in a Story, they access two options. On the one hand, they can receive a reminder in order to receive a notification when the countdown comes to an end. They are allowed to share the Instagram countdown sticker in a Story for other people to discover.

3: Instagram survey sticker

The Instagram survey sticker allows you to question your audience on a particular subject by offering them to choose an answer from two possibilities. Customizable, responses must be short (26 characters) and are eligible to host an emoji. When members complete your survey, they see the result in real-time, as a percentage. Regarding statistics, you access the number of votes collected for each option and the vote of each participant. This way, you can gain more Instagram followers.

 4: Instagram place sticker

The Instagram place sticker facilitates the geolocation of a place in the clip of Stories. When a user presses it, he is sent to a location page specific to the identified location where a map, the most popular posts, the most recent posts, and the stories also have the same Instagram sticker.

When a company uses an Instagram place sticker representing its city, it is likely to increase its discoverability and attract traffic on site, insofar as the clip (photo or video) is engaging and is included among the most popular stories. When a local business uses an Instagram location sticker by identifying its address, it facilitates access to its physical location using the map.

5: Instagram GIF Sticker

The Instagram GIF sticker allows you to add a fun and expressive sticker to any photo or video in your Story. To select an Instagram GIF sticker, choose the most popular GIFs or search for a specific GIF, using the search engine located at the top of the application. Note that Instagram allows you to add several GIF stickers in the same clip of your Story. The Instagram GIF sticker is a very good tool for creating attractive content, highlighting your brand’s personality, or adding/reinforcing a call to action.