Metabolism is a very important part of your general health. It is responsible to convert calories into energy that allows your body to function. Thus, if you have a weak metabolism, you will have less energy to do things. But as we grow old, our metabolism naturally weakens. To avoid this, make some lifestyle changes and you will soon observe a positive shift in your metabolic rate.

1. Exercise Regularly

Being physically active is the foremost way to boost your metabolism. When you exercise, your muscles demand energy. This helps in increasing your metabolism rate for a long period of time even after your workout is done.

Half an hour of exercise schedule each day will help you maintain your metabolism even when you grow older. Besides the dedicated workout sessions, you should also try to introduce certain lifestyle changes for yourself that will help increase the physical activity you take part in every day.

For example, if your workplace is close by, you can cycle or walk to it. Or you could take the stairs to reach your floor.

2. Practice strength training

While simple exercises help you increase your metabolism to a certain extent, you should always try to go for strength training as it boosts it even further. During this session, your muscles are stressed more and after your sessions, they would consume a larger amount of energy, thus, burning more calories from your body.

In fact, various studies have shown that a person who strength-trains, is able to burn an additional 10-32 calories in every session. Not just that, strength training will also help you in retaining the muscle mass that is often lost with age and the muscles start storing more fats in them.

You should definitely consider including exercises that engage large muscle groups in your body into your workout sessions to obtain maximum benefits.

3. Learn about Portion Control

Often, people complain that they have eliminated foods that contain carbohydrates and fat from their diet but are still finding it difficult to boost their metabolism.

The fact is, it’s not just about what you eat but also how much you eat. Your body needs a sufficient amount of every nutrient if you want to remain healthy. That is why your diet must consist of meals that contain small portions of every type of nutrient and vitamin.

You must purchase a food scale or a measuring cup to count the portions of the food you are eating. Consult your doctor to understand the needs of your body in terms of food. Based on their advice, count the portions of every meal you are eating to help keep your intake under control.

When you control your portions properly, you’ll be able to avoid overeating or eating less than required and your body will get the exact amount of energy it requires.

4. Eat several light meals

Instead of eating two or three heavy meals every day, you should eat about five light meals at different intervals throughout the day. When you eat lighter meals, your body’s blood sugar levels will remain much more stabilized compared to when you eat a heavy meal.

This becomes easier once you learn portion counting. Make a meal plan based on how many calories you need to consume. Divide your meals at different times adhering to your body requirement. Eating light meals at several intervals also allows the body to properly digest the food and keeps you full and energized throughout the day.

5. Get Proper Sleep

Your sleep schedule also affects your metabolism rate. When your body gets sufficient hours of sleep, your metabolism will be boosted.

That is because sufficient sleep can help in increasing the hormone leptin, which suppresses your appetite and helps your metabolism by making you eat lesser portions. On the other hand, sleeping less will lead to a decrease in leptin, and an increase in ghrelin, a hormone that increases the food intake of your body. Not just that, not getting sufficient hours of sleep can lead to you being stressed which again, has adverse effects on your metabolism.

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Lastly, be careful about informing your doctor about every activity and its side effects on your metabolism. This will help them suggest a better routine for you.