Driving Detective

Driving Detective is a neat Android app developed by an unknown developer that has come onto the app scene with a bang. Vasil Vasilev placed his new app on the market in May 2018 and it has already been downloaded over 10K times.


There is no documented history for Vasil Vasilev, however, “Do Not Disturb” is a feature in many android phones and this feature allows the user to drive while disabling notifications and alerts safely. These notifications and alerts would distract the driver, and this led to accidents.

The Do Not Disturb option was closed to outside integration until Google opened up access to the code, and now Android developers can access the Do Not Disturb feature through an official API.

Originally the Do Not Disturb feature came with the Pixel 2 phone model, but now the code is accessible to all Android phones.


The Driving Detective app automatically detects when the vehicle is moving without using GPS coordinates. The app uses the devices features to estimate when it is driving, and then it toggles the Do Not Disturb features automatically, releasing the driver from having to remember performing this before driving. Once the vehicle has stopped, and you are stationary for 15 minutes or have walked away from the vehicle, the app closes the Do Not Disturb features.

Essentially, Driving Detective is an automation processor that makes operating specific features automatic and thus only requires the user to preset what options should be disabled for the app.

Driving Detective does not interfere with any of the phones other features, so calls, displays, GPS maps, etc., all continue to operate as usual.

This app was designed for the smartphone addict, especially those prone to texting and playing around with their smartphone while driving.

Setting up Driving Detective

Step 1: Download the App from Google Play.

This is the screen, its simple, on-off switch.

After downloading, go to the Do Not Disturb screen of your device, and toggle on the app:


When you go back to the Do Not Disturb screen you will see this:

Now its time to set up the app for all future use, you can set this up once, and forget about it, or come back to it to change any configurations. Here is the Do Not Disturb screen:

As you can see, you can create your own set of rules and erase any rules that don’t apply. Once you have toggled all the internal preferences, you get the rule type and choose Driving Detective as your rule in Settings > Sound > Do not disturb.


Driving Detective is available for Android 4.1 and above, and it has great reviews. Check out these reviews from Google Play Store for example:

John Halford

May 24, 2018

Excellent! Three level settings – I find that with the ‘priority only’ setting still enables voice prompts from Google Maps but blocks phone calls [still a visible indication on the phone but not ringing and missed call reminders when you stop]. Help could have a bit more detail. Set and forget, always works [I still wonder how it detects the car?]



May 21, 2018

Lovely simple app. Uses barely any memory. Very accurate when I’m driving and no driving. What I wanted was an app that could make all notifications silent but, still allow calls and, this does exactly that.


Free, just go to Google Play Store and download it on any Android 4.1 and above phone.

Simple to use, as explained, you set it up in under 3 minutes.


Driving Detective does assume you’re driving when your speed is over normal human running speeds, and it also locates where you are so if you are in the middle of a highway at forty miles an hour, chances are you are not jogging near home.

Having stated this, the obvious downside is it will activate if you are riding public transport such as a Taxi, an Uber or Lyft, a train and even a plane (although that’s fine as far as we are concerned).


This is a very simple focused and easy to integrate automation system for your Android phone. It’s a great tool for any avid driver, and especially useful when taking those long weekend rides. Just make sure you de-activate it when you are a passenger, or maybe not, you can get some sleep.

We expect some more great things coming from this developer, especially upgrades and extra features to this version.