Here is the fourteenth installment of 10 games reviewed.

Fuzz Bugs Patterns

Grades Pre-K - 1

Fuzz Bugs Patterns is a pattern recognition game that teaches youngsters the basics of pattern recognition through IQ style test questions. There are colored fuzz bugs arranged on a line in a specific order. The player has to arrange the missing fuzz bugs to complete the line and the correct pattern order.

Grade: Pre K to 1

Conclusions: This is a great game that helps youngsters learn the basics of pattern recognition and how patterns are formed and continue — also a primer for IQ tests.

Fuzz Bugs Treasure Hunt

Grades 2 & Up

Fuzz Bugs Treasure Hunt is a classic jumping over obstacles and collecting coins game. In this Fuzz Bug scenario, we have our friendly Fuzz Bug that has to move along a set of jungle platforms, collecting gold and using the arrow keys to jump up or down and over various obstacles from rocks to flying bats, and over the obvious gaps between the platforms.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: This is a lovely tight game that doesn’t really teach much, but it does provide a lot of fun.

Ghost Typing

Grades 2 & Up

Ghost Typing is a speed typing testing game that sets the player typing challenges in the form of ever nearing ghosts that have words. The player has to type in the word before the ghost reaches the screen. The game speed and number of ghost’s increases as the player improves and advances. Ultimately, the game aims to help players practice blind typing skills so that they can type while watching the screen and not their fingers.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: A classic blind typing game and it actually works, frustrating, but works.

Ghost Typing Junior

Grades K - 1

Ghost Typing Junior is the same as Ghost Typing but for youngsters. In this version, there are letters at first and not words and the ghosts are farther away giving the player more time to type in the correct letter.

Grade: K to 1

Conclusions: A winning typing trainer that helps youngsters learn where the keys are on the board in relation to their hands and of course eyes.

Giant Hamster Run

Grades 2 & Up

Giant Hamster Run is a running game, just like hundreds of other running games where the player gets a first-person view of the oncoming screen. The idea is to collect as many coins and prizes on the road without hitting any obstacles. The hamster can jump, move left and right and also roll under obstacles. Once the hamster has grown enough, it will turn into a giant rolling ball of unstoppable fur.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: A great little first-person running game, nothing special but comes with nice graphics for such as small app.

Gobble Squabble

Grades 4 & Up

Gobble Squabble is a twist on Pac man and a very nice one at that. The graphics are great, and the action is suitable for this kind of game. There is a turkey instead of a Pac man ball, and there are question marks that pose a mathematical question. The answer is one of the cooks, which the turkey can then gobble up. The turkey must not be caught by the cooks, or it will become dinner.

There are power-ups and various other goodies as expected from a Pac man legacy game.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: What a lovely Pac man take off, and is great fun, it also teaches either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division or all. The player chooses the type of power-up they want.


Grades Pre-K & Up

Golf is a nice pixelated game that loses from the first shot. The reason this game should be deleted from the site is due to the fact (and I already wrote about this before) that the first shot can never be a hard one since the ball is too close to the side of the playing screen and the mouse cannot create enough power. As such, the first shot is always a weak one, and the other bug is that when the ball touches the edge of the playing screen, it cannot be moved.

Grade: Pre K to 5

Conclusions: a Terribly programmed game that could be great but is not.

Gravity Run

Grades 2 & Up

Gravity Run is a very nice and annoying and frustrating game to the inaccurate reaction player such as myself; however, in the hands of an adept, it becomes a world of mystery and wonder and awe. There is a small bobblehead ball that can change its position or gravity at the click of a mouse. You need to change gravity to avoid the killing edges. There are golden stars to pick up, and the unfortunate thing is that there is no respite. The bobbldy bibbldy thingy moves on and on, and you are trapped in a constant struggle of up and down to get to the next level.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: Save me from myself, I hate this game so much because it’s so good and defeats me all the time. Talk about a well-designed game that is as frustrating as it is active.

Guess the Number

Grades 1 & Up

Guess the Number is a cute guessing game and is great for the 1 to 10 version, but in the hard -500 to 500 game it becomes insanely hard and perhaps a bit ridiculous. Essentially this game comes to teach youngsters the art of counting through understanding what is greater or less than a number. It’s fun, and yes it’s fun too, so I guess its double fun.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: This is a great counting game that teaches number values and is also a great competitive game when more than one player participates.

Halloween Candy Hunt

Grades 2 & Up

Halloween Candy Hunt is another of the asinine hidden picture games that are coded by lazy programmers who cannot find the time to create a proper object to hide in a proper background. Again we have the semi-opaque objects, this time in the form of candy, hidden of basic pictures. Honestly, this game might appeal to some, but most find it offensive and rightly so. A good and proper hunt game requires a proper background with bespoke graphics icons hidden within the picture.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: Dumb, dumber and dumber could come up with a more intelligent version.