free board games

Unfortunately, when most people think about games today they either think about Call of Duty, Borderlands 3, or Apex Legends. While there is no denying that these games are all fun and entertaining, they do have one common denominator. And, that common denominator is the Internet. If you want to experience these games to the fullest, you are going to need an Internet connection and friends to play with. There is nothing wrong with this, but there are a number of traditional board games that can provide the same type of excitement and entertainment without all the hassles of going online. Check out these adult board games and everything that they have to offer.


Spontuneous is not only a game that will keep you and your adult friends entertained for hours and hours, but it is a game that will tell your musical skills and knowledge. The game can be played with anywhere from 4 to 10 participants and requires players to belt out songs based on given trigger words. For instance, if you were given the words stairway to heaven, you could belt out the lyrics to the iconic Led Zepplin hit Stairway to Heaven. Doing so would cause you to advance on the board. The one that reaches the end first will be declared the winner.

Betrayal At House On The Hill

There is nothing like getting into that competitive nature when you have your friends and family around you. After all, who do you want to show up more? That being said, there are times when people like to work together, and that is exactly what Betrayal At House On The Hill offers. This is pretty much a game in which players will work together exploring an old creepy house. The game can consist of anywhere from six to 12 players and a typical game will only last an hour. Each different turn will offer a different scenario and players will have to work together to solve and survive the night in the house on the hill.


Anyone that spends a lot of time playing baccarat 5 bath is going to love this next adult board game. This is not only a game that completely revolves around strategy, but it is a game that revolves around wit. The game will come with a folding board, playing cards, 135 chips, and proper instructions. The game simply involves each player laying down a playing card on his or her turn. The playing cards will be placed on the playing board and the idea is to create a row or column of five connected checkers. This is somewhat similar to that of tic-tac-toe.

What Do You MEME?

Want an adult game that will have you and your friends on the floor busting at the gut? If so, the What Do You MEME is the game for you. Each player will be granted seven caption cards to match to a chosen meme. The player that comes up with the most outlandish and creative will win the round. The player that wins the most rounds wins the game.