Best Convection Toaster

There are many other ways to use them, such as re-cooking side dishes, cooking baked sweets, sweets, and grilled foil. There are many lineups from cheap and simple ones to high-end models with emphasis on functionality. There is also a toaster oven on topics by baking bread deliciously, and it is easy to worry about what is best for me. So this time, I will introduce how to choose a toaster and recommended products in Mippin.

Toaster oven:

A toaster oven is a type of toaster that can be used to bake anything you want to bake on a net, for toasting and easy cooking. We bake toast with cheese and ingredients on top, and also croissants and confectionery bread are warmed. If you use a heat-resistant container, the height of versatility that you can make gratin and grill dishes is attractive.

Heating method:

Electric Heat:

It is a heating method using a heat source covered with hard quartz with heating wire. This type is relatively inexpensive because it is simple to make. Because the surface is heated carefully, it is easy for the water to fly and can be finished crisply.

Far infrared graphite:

It is a heating method that can finish the outside crisply while warming up to the inside of the food with far-infrared rays. As the heat reaches inside, it is possible to bake not only bread but also baked sweets deliciously. In addition, let’s compare each manufacturer’s various characteristics, such as far-infrared heaters called “graphite,” which generate heat quickly and moisture in toast is difficult to fly.


The method is characterized by being softly finished using steam while grilling with a heater. Because it compensates for the moisture that tends to escape while warming up, it reproduces a moderate crisp feeling and a feeling of softness inside. Recommended for those who want to eat bread deliciously.

Super-Heated Steams:

It is a “water-baking” oven toaster with superheated steam heated to over 100 ° C. What differs from the steam type is that it does not use steam after baking with a heater, but the smoker grills itself bakes the food. It is a method to play an active part in the warming of not only toast but also side dishes.


It is a heating method that generates heat convection with a circulating fan and warms the interior of the toaster uniformly. The heat is evenly transmitted to the food because the hot air fills the inside of the cabinet, and it is possible to finish with less unevenness. Convection tends to be expensive, but it is useful because it has a function that plays an active role not only in toast but also in normal cooking.

Ease of care:

As well as the breadcrumbs tray, it is easy and convenient to clean if the parts can be removed. Since the toaster places bread directly on the net, the inside of the cabinet is easily soiled. Generally, bread crumb trays are provided at the bottom of the toaster, but if you can remove parts such as the net for putting food, the front door, and the steam pipe, it is possible to clean it up to every corner. It is also important to check how to clean the product to keep it clean.

Temperature control and cooking variations:

The temperature control of the toaster is mainly analog dials and microcomputer button types. The dial has a power switch such as “high fire” and a temperature switch such as 40 to 200 ° C. Those who can cook well should be able to set the temperature finely. In addition, if there are accessories such as a tray, the variation is also spread and convenient. There is also a way to use a hot sand maker when baking toast. If you want to make sandwiches while adding ingredients and baking bread, consider this as well.