As popular as online casinos are at the time, there should be plenty of news about how people are making money from the slots. However, that isn’t what we usually hear, is it? You wouldn’t hear about people making money from online slots until you follow every news platform that reports online gambling bets. Is the game rigged, or do the online casinos not promote their winners properly? These questions and speculations revolve around many minds, but the answer can be that there is a little bit of both and something else.

A multibillion-dollar industry

The picture is a little more complicated than you might think. It shouldn’t be surprising that we don’t see huge lists of winners every month in the enormous industry. Over the last few years, the annual revenues have been above $45 billion, and they grow every year. With the pandemic keeping people under lockdown, those numbers have been higher than ever.

More than two thousand licensed online casinos are working in several countries, such as Malaysia, and there are several more unlicensed ones. People can and do win money through online slots, but despite the industry’s size, there are very few reliable statistics. That is why you should always opt for the most trusted online casino Malaysia.

Gambling can be Illegal in your region

Multiple countries host gambling sites, and several of them restrict the activity. The legal system surrounding online gambling can be a little tricky, but thankfully, the players are not held accountable for playing the games. The authorities are convinced that people are playing in illegal casinos, which is when they go after the players. Naturally, gambling halls do their best to keep attention away from themselves by hiding away the lists.

The majority may Not Gamble Online

It isn’t easy to find good data. In June 2016, Gallup published the results of a poll about the consumer attitude towards gambling. The statistics showed an increase in the respondents that admitted to gambling. It also found out that half of the online crowd plays lotteries. There are chances that more people log into the state lottery websites than they play online casinos.

It isn’t Profitable for most Players

Out of all the online games you can play to gamble, experts often mention that some games turn out to be the least profitable. They were probably talking about the slot machines. The house will not run a game that does not give it an edge. However, the opinions about online games vary.

Some online casinos are illegal copies of the other popular ones by using the stolen software to complicate the estimates. These games cannot be trusted, but a few online casinos do offer a fair game. They are not all bad. It is safe to say that you should expect your balance to run down gradually, even as it is sprinkled with the occasional lucky wins.

The Kind of Game played Matters

Whether or not you are about to win also depends on the kind of game you are about to play. Some games are more volatile than others. They may pay you with larger jackpots, but it takes a lot longer to get to those big jackpots. All the prizes of the slot machines are paid out of the player wagers. Whether you are playing an isolated game or a progressive game connected to the other players, the house expects the prizes that it pays to come out of the “return of player.”

Incidental Gambling to Win Big Prizes?

Professional gamblers often gravitate towards the games that require skills. This can be a game of blackjack or poker. Other games such as slots are often only played for fun. Some people cannot afford to gamble every day, but they still do it for fun, and these are the people that don’t often win the big prizes. The dichotomy of some games shows that the longer you sit to play the game, the more money you lose.

When you are losing more money, you often stay to play longer to improve your chances of winning. If most of the games available don’t have the budget to buy a jackpot, you will hear about even fewer people out ahead on the games.

Not Easy to Stop Playing

Online casino games are often addicting for classic reasons. Even people who are not addicted to gambling often find it hard to leave a game, but once you fall into that semi-numbed state of mind, you keep pressing for another turn and resembling much of the people that lose their fortunes. Online games are designed to look and sound like physical casino games, but the online games tend to get bored much easier when you are playing from your home. They don’t suck you in as the real casinos do.

Online Casinos to Get Your Money?

Experienced players know they require patience for the payments system of the online casinos. Not only are the casinos concerned about avoiding any kind of player fraud, but they also need to keep as much money on hand to handle the throughput. Every organization requires electronic transfer fees and insists that your wait for 3 to 5 business days too.


So, can you win money from online gambling? You can ramble through the probabilities and predictions, but the answer is yes, people out there are winning more than they lose because that is the nature of the game, and that is what makes it so addicting.

Most people lose their money in slot games, but it isn’t because it is taking it. The answer remains in the intentions and feelings of the players. If you are just playing for entertainment, you are less likely to care about losing your money when real money is put on the line.