How to Write a Descriptive Essay

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

One of the hardest challenges that any author must face is the ability to inspire in the minds and imagination of the reader an all-encompassing experience that draws the reader into...
MDCAT and ECAT Preparations

MDCAT and ECAT Preparations, What are the options?

The appropriate way to groom yourself and skills to score higher Planning and effort hard for making your future secure and bright are what everyone does. And for which you studied hard... Games Review

The Big ABCYa Game review: Part 1: 1st 10 Games

In this major review, I present to you every game on the ABCYa website, each game review is based on actual performance. The game review will start with the first game...
Benefits of Educational Apps and Games for Kids

13 Surprising Benefits of Educational Apps and Games for Kids

As e-learning has entirely transformed the tools of learning. Gaining education via using digital aiding tools has made lofty goals easier to achieve. Similarly, if we talk about the role of...
Best Educational Apps

5 Best Educational Apps for Schoolers and Students

In the last few decades, the education sector has changed immensely, thanks to technology and information that continue to enrich teaching-learning experiences. From electronic classroom boards, gamified learning, game-based learning to...
Sumdog - Free Educational Math Game

Sumdog – Free Educational Math Game

Sumdog Game Sumdog is a free educational game that was developed to enhance the mathematical capabilities of primary (elementary) school children. This game was developed for teachers and classes in mind, it...
ABCya Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids Review: Best Educational Website and App for Kids 2019

When you have kids and want an educational app, there are many apps to choose from. However, there are the bad, the good and the exceptional. In this review, I will...