8 Apps That Can Help Boost Your Cognitive Skills

The brain is a muscle. Like all muscles, it must be exercised to avoid atrophy. To maintain cognitive health and boost your cognitive skills one must challenge the brain just like...
7 Apps That Immediately Make Life Better

7 Apps That Immediately Make Life Better

Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, a venture capital firm, has been tracking how people use their phones. Their findings show that people spend nearly 6 hours of their day on their...
Typography Grid

Typography Grid: How is it Breaking the Grid Rules Amazingly?

Most of the designers think that typography is just selecting a typeface and choosing the font size that can be regular or bold. However, many detailing is included on the website....
How do plasma lighters work?

How do plasma lighters work? Answering the most asked question

With time, the tools used for lighting fires have changed drastically. The earliest humans used stones to light fire, and with the passage of time, the match-stick took its place and...
PCB Manufacturing Business

Role of Market Research in PCB Manufacturing Business

Market research plays an invaluable role in all industries and sectors, particularly in manufacturing. In an industry which is severely volatile and has the potential of incurring losses due to misinformed...
Mobile Application Designing In 2018

A Brief Guide for Mobile Application Designing In 2018

The smartphone revolution has seen people turn to apps for their infotainment needs. Apps are a mine full of information, images, videos and much more. However, Fortune concludes that more than 75% of...

Scribbles Software for MAC

Scribbles was one of the earliest photo editor for MAC.
Mobile Marketing

The rising popularity of marketing products and services through text messaging

In the digital era, individual business owners are using different kinds of marketing to reach out to their customers. The route of advertising through SMS is gaining a lot of precedence...
Protective Laptop Cases

What makes perfect protection for laptops?

Protective Laptop Cases: Good question, even if I asked it myself, and then went on to research the question, and find the answers. There is a lot of information floating around the...
Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX – Source Driven Development Experience

The reason behind the adoption of Salesforce DX in app development strengthening in the Salesforce environment is quite interesting. In fact, there are many reasons DX is the preferred platform these...


A Comprehensive Guide to Better Understanding & Managing Technical Debt

Technical debt seems just like another financial term, and that is precisely where this particular programming theory is based on. In terms of software...
iOS features

iOS features you should know


Coinbase 101