Mobile Application Designing In 2018

A Brief Guide for Mobile Application Designing In 2018

The smartphone revolution has seen people turn to apps for their infotainment needs. Apps are a mine full of information, images, videos and much more. However, Fortune concludes that more than 75% of...

Scribbles Software for MAC

Scribbles was one of the earliest photo editor for MAC.
Reverse phone lookup

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

It can be very annoying to receive a phone call from an unknown number. This annoyance can become quite stressful if these calls do tend to repeat at the wrong time...

Scribbles: Simple, Intuitive Drawing for Mac

Loren Brichter of atebits is a diverse app developer with such winners as Tweetie, Tweetie 2 and Letterpress, but he is also the man behind Scribbles. Scribbles, as its name implies is a Mac...
Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development

How Artificial Intelligence Reshape Mobile App Development in 2019

Over the past several years artificial intelligence (AI) is making news that concerns every technology brand and tech thinkers. Now, after being hounded by everybody as the next big tech trend,...
PCB Manufacturing Business

Role of Market Research in PCB Manufacturing Business

Market research plays an invaluable role in all industries and sectors, particularly in manufacturing. In an industry which is severely volatile and has the potential of incurring losses due to misinformed...
Mobile Push Notifications

What is Mobile Push Notifications?

What is Mobile Push Notifications? Push notifications have become a common way to drive customers’ attention to a business. Be it a mobile phone, a tablet, a smartwatch, or a computer, businesses...
Altium PCB

Altium PCB Design Software is a PCB Designers Dream

The PCB design is a highly competitive industry where every optimized design and efficient production system can revolutionize the way electronics perform. It is no wonder that software development in the...
Guide to Being a Digital Nomad

Your Guide to Being a Digital Nomad

Let’s face it – most people would relish the chance to travel around the world while still holding down a regular job to make ends meet. Well, the good news for...
iPhone X

Get to know the 4 most common iPhone issues and how to fix them

iPhones, as well as other electronics of our daily use, are subject to defects. Despite the comfort, agility and high quality promised by the handset manufacturer, they are subject to technical...


Tips to help improve your WordPress speed

If your site is slow when loading, you will lose a huge number of visitors. Loading time has been identified as the biggest factor...

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