What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want just to rest comfortably on the bed? A cozy bed sheet is a must as it comes directly in contact with you. Therefore, it is essential to buy the one that is of supreme quality.

Now, when you are ready to bid goodbye to winter, it is suggested to get prepared for the summer by updating bed linen.

Check the material

Cotton is still the most recommended material if you are planning to purchase a bedsheet. The reason for which this material is popular is the comfort, durability, and breathability it offers. Cotton has the property to trap cold air as well as heat throughout the summer. Hence, it becomes an excellent choice this summer. The manufacturers are also blending cotton with rayon and other materials that show an effect on its feel and weight.

Thread count

Nowadays, thread count doesn’t matter that much until and unless the bed sheet is made of expensive fabric. Thread count generally acts as a barometer that helps in finding out the durability and smoothness.


The woven pattern of bed sheets plays a significant role in making you feel comfortable. Percale is known as a lightweight and firmly woven that provides cool and crisp bedding. The microfibers used in this are super-tight and woven densely. Therefore, it is known for its wrinkle-resistant property, soft nature, and unaffected against water.

There are some other sheets known as Jersey sheets that are manufactured using flat knit. Thus, they offer a soft touch but also prone to slipping.

Beautiful patterns

The designs of the bed sheet also define your taste. Presently, you can find various patterns and prints available that can steal your glimpse. This summer, you can experiment with different prints and vibrant colors that can completely change the look of your bedroom. Stripes are the latest favorite pattern among the buyers. This is so because they give a contemporary look without making your room look clumsy.

Properly coordinate your bedding with other stuff

Coordinating your bed sheet with other additional stuff is an excellent way of showing your style towards décor. Select the beautiful headboards and other things like blankets, cushions, and others to complement the bedsheet. It not only beautifies your room but also completely changes the aura.

Going for seasonal sheets

What does it actually mean?

Well, if you are the one who prefers to change the bed sheets as per the occasions, then seasonal sheets are best for you. They give you the freedom to change the sheets many times entirely. But you should be wise while selecting them.

Care is essential

So, if you also want to have soft bed sheets for summer, you can either buy them online or visit any shop. No matter which bed sheet you will select, the most important thing is to take care of them so that they last for long. For this, you can use fabric softeners that put a coat on the surface, making them feel softer.

Summer is here, and you should get ready to give a style statement to your room by choosing the best bed sheets.