Dirty Blonde Hair Trends
Dirty Blonde Hair Trends

Many people thought that dirty blonde hair color would never make a comeback after disappearing for a while. A decade ago, all ladies across the world united in their dislike for the dirty blonde. Surprisingly and ironically, they are now united in embracing it.

Typically, dirty blonde is the dark hue of blonde that can easily be confused with light brown. Here are classic and elegant dirty blonde hair color ideas you should try before this year ends. We are sure you will find your selection amazing.

  • Dirty Ash Blonde.

The dark, dirty blonde hair will give both green, and blue eyes are pop. This beautiful color appears flattering for women with cool skin tones. The feathery ends enhance an edgy touch to the whole look.

  • Golden Dirty Blonde.

Blend fine gold accents with your cool dishwater manes. This technique lightens and increases warmth to your dirty blonde hair. The neutral hues appear excellent on women with any skin color and exude that beachy vibe.

  • Dark Dirty Chocolate Blonde.

This ombre blonde color is all the rage right now, and we can see why. To achieve this gorgeous look, the stylist started by darkening the base using light brown shade and then utilized a chocolate color to make the hair light as she goes down. He kept the color in the middle section of the hair a little dark to enhance the deep chocolate hue.

  • Golden Platinum Blonde Hair.

This glam hair hue is suitable for women with warm skin tones. It is brilliant, light and luminous. Use lightener to reveal much of your natural hair pigment as possible.

Then incorporate gold into the hair, but don’t apply it for so long since you want to achieve a light golden glow.

  • Dirty Ginger Highlights.

If you think you cannot rock the best blend of blonde and ginger, you possibly cannot be right. Incorporate the light tone of ginger to the hair and then accentuate it with light dirty blonde hue to achieve this exciting result.

The most liked thing concerning this style is that some regions of your hair, especially at the front, is darker than others. This is an important aspect as it adds depth and dimension to your frontal layers.

  • Dark to Light Dirty Blonde.

Make the top of your hair dark using deep brown color and then utilize very light brown shade on the hair as you move from the top, down to give your hair a beautiful ombre.

The blonde highlights are scattered in between to add definition and character to this look. The wavy curls make the style look stylish.

  • Lowlights on Blonde Hair.

Lowlights have proven effective when it comes to framing the face and making it look thinner than it is. This one incorporates gorgeous light cool hints and warm tones to come up with a stunning dirty blonde hair look. It is suitable for light and medium-skin toned women.

  • Fading Dirty Blonde.

The reason why people love whitish hair is that the hair can be manipulated to get the shade you want. This beautiful darker to light dirty blonde hairstyle is highly liked.

It is a warmly toned shade blend that appears elegant when styled in waves that enhance dimension and shine of the entire style.

  • Platinum Dirty Blonde.

This color complements the cool hint of your natural dirty blonde. Commence by lightening the hair, allowing about two inches from the roots. Your natural blonde hair roots just add enough touch that is highly coveted. You can even incorporate ash toner to get a smoky look.

  • Dirty Blonde Balayage.

A balayage of dark and light shades of dirty blonde hair gives you a gorgeous sun-kissed look. This mixer appears stunning on almost all skin tones.

The light trimmings make your jawline look thinner, and the color combination makes your face appear longer than usual. So, if you have a wide or squire shape, this could be your break-through haircut.