what is branding

How long has it been since you took a close look at your brand strategy? What significant changes have occurred in your business since then? If it has been a while, your industry has shifted, your company has changed direction, or any other major event has occurred, you may need to take a look at your brand and brand strategy, particularly your digital brand strategy. All in all, there are many reasons to revisit and freshen your brand.

Great idea, right? So now your thinking, we’ll just get marketing to do it. While this approach sounds good, there are also many reasons to engage branding agencies like Ramotion of San Francisco.

Avoid Unexpected In-house Costs

While cost isn’t the only factor to consider, we all know it is a major one. On the surface, handling your brand refresh in-house may seem like the cheaper option. After all, you already have a marketing team that’s getting paid to do marketing work, right? Hold on, though. The cost of handling the project in-house goes beyond your team’s time spent working on this particular effort.

– Lost time on other projects: How will your in-house marketing team keep up with their other responsibilities while working on the branding effort?

– Lost billable hours: If the organization you are considering using in-house is also responsible for client projects, you’ll be losing income while they are distracted by this new project.

– Lack of focus: Even if your team does have the bandwidth to take on a digital brand strategy project, their attention will still be split between this project and everything else they have going on. The project will likely take longer if it ever gets done at all.

Gain Fresh Perspectives from a Branding Agency

There is definitely something to be said for using in-house staff that knows your business inside and out. However, there are also risks for the same reason. In-house teams have a natural tendency to gravitate toward what they know. We’ve always done it this way, so why should we change it? Have you ever heard the story about the Christmas ham? A man is visiting his wife’s family Christmas for the first time and notices the wife cutting the end off the ham. He asks his wife why, and she says she doesn’t know, they’ve always done it that way. So he asks his new mother-in-law and gets the same answer. Luckily there are many generations still helping with prep, and he finds Great-Grandma. She tells him that when she first started making Christmas dinners as a young wife, their only pan was too short to fit the whole ham.

The moral of the story being, just because you’ve always done something one way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better method now. New tools, new approaches, culture changes, market changes, all have a significant impact on your business. Branding consultants can see beyond the current to imagine what could be. They work on lots of different brands and are usually more up to date on brand-related trends, tools, and methods. An excellent branding firm will have processes, systems, and tools in place to help your company develop a fresh, compelling personality and look.

Leverage Branding Expertise with a Top Branding Company

Branding companies specialize in, guess what, branding. Your marketing team is undoubtedly the best at what they do, including social media and brand messaging, but how often have they carried out a full rebranding project? Your corporate identity is tied directly to your brand identity, and it deserves the full attention of a team that works on high-profile branding projects as their bread and butter.

Brand consulting firms have a wide range of specialties so you can find one that is just right for your needs. Whether you’re a small business, high tech, consulting, or any other type of company, there is a design firm out there that specializes in clients just like you. They can tackle areas that your in-house team may not be as skilled in the like tone of voice, logo design, developing brand stories, and a host of other branding-related skills. Some consultants even offer digital brand and web design services that can help alleviate some of the burdens of rolling out your new look. They’ll make sure every aspect is on-brand and fresh.


Branding agencies can be a great, cost-effective way to gain a fresh perspective on your corporate and brand identities. They keep your marketing efforts on track while running your branding project, offer skills they may not have, and can develop a relationship with your team to help augment their work when needed. Remember to stay focused on your company’s core vision, and let someone else take the rest off your hands.