Business Intelligence Software Trends
Business Intelligence Software Trends

With the burgeoning levels of software making and penetration, almost every field has one or the other software. Especially the business world is full of such software. The corporate world has so many functions to carry out that it is not humanly possible to employ people for each one of them. It is important to narrow down the Technology Executive Search and look for any intelligent business software.

This helps a lot to get accurate decisions and focus on more important things of the business. So it is crucial to learn about business intelligence software. Before knowing and choosing amongst the plethora of software available, it is important to know about the trends of the market. Also, it would be useful when one is aware of the tips and tricks that can be followed in applying such software. Let us get to know them.

The business intelligence software:

Today almost every important field has got a software to get accurate results. The business intelligence software is basically such applications that get your feedback and do an unbiased analysis of your business as a whole. This requires your business data to be put in and then it is best to leave it to the software to do the desired analysis.

This enhances the accuracy of results and gives a complete feedback that might help you to improve and change few systems and processes. The business intelligence software is quite useful in terms of getting the right advice for your business process. This can save a lot of time and energy otherwise spent in carrying out the wrong process. Whatever it is let us get to the trends and tips that are emerging in this market.

Historical background:

The initiation of this highly useful software began in the year 1865 when in a book named Cyclopaedia of commercial and business anecdotes, authored by Richard Miller Devens came into the market. In this book, the term was used. Further after almost a century later, the tech giant IBM mentioned in a journal. And then the term progressed and flourished till the modern-day developments of the in-chip technology. It has gone through various changes to reach here. Plus the changes have been made with due consideration of the evolution of the new technology like big-data.

Types of business intelligence software:

One can find it confusing to pick such a software which is not only trending but also helps to satisfy the needs of the business. To simplify the process of choosing the best software for your firm, here are the varied levels through which business intelligence software are put to use. Read on:

  1. Data management: The software manages your data with the data management tools which adorn the feature of data quality management and it does perform the function of extracting, transforming and loading the data.
  2. Data discovery: This feature of the intelligence software allows it to mine the data to gauge the varying patterns. There is this feature of prescriptive analytics found while the semantic and text analytics adds to the data used. Further the OLAP process to help the users to make the evaluation possible.
  3. Reporting: There are two types of reporting that is possible with the intelligence software. The first one is the ad-hoc reporting while the second one is the operational reporting. The ad-hoc reporting is quite useful when instant reports have to be crafted. It is way helpful when the maker of the report isn’t aware of the technical details. The operational report is helpful for making the daily reports used to inspect the operational activities.
  4. Others: There are two types of the way the business intelligence tools are used. It could be used on-site or the effective cloud services can be used. With the former, it depends on the company to install the equipment as per the choice while the latter involves usage of the type of cloud that suits you.

The software trends:

Amongst the plethora of available software, the ones that have been doing the round are incorporated in this list. They will guide you to download the best software that fulfills your needs.

  1. Artificial intelligence is the new cool: This is something that is gaining limelight and spreading vigorously. It is used from anywhere to everywhere. It speeds up the process of getting feedbacks, analyzing varying patterns and establishing relationships between the data. It just simplifies and enhances the accuracy and efficiency level.
  2. Application of advanced analytics: It is an outcome of the above system. This is the actuator of making the business actions quite predictive. This can be helpful in the decision making for any firm. It affects the development of any company and helps in adding values to the organization.
  3. Using cloud services: Amongst the various ways through which the business intelligence is employed, the cloud services could be another help to your firm’s data. The cloud hosting services can be way helpful in providing unlimited access despite the geographical boundaries. This does save time and makes use of idle time in a constructive way.
  4. Progress in Natural language processing: No machine can completely comprehend human behavior. Although advancement in this regard is taking place with the utmost speed, one can’t predict the frequent changes that might take place in human action. The natural language processing is making use of simply this field. The use of natural language is progressing to ensure that the analytical conversation gets some support.
  5. Apps are booming: The penetration of smartphones in the world today are giving rise to a wide variety of allied services. They have a huge advantage to use things on the go. In lieu of the advantages that the smartphones entail, the businesses are coming up with their dedicated apps. The mobile business intelligence apps are way helpful in increasing the number of users.
  6. Allied benefits: Due to the deeper penetration, this field has got a plethora of allied benefits. It enhances the scope of cybersecurity and also the need for data scientists and data engineers. This is way helpful for generating newer ways of employing people in fields useful and relevant for years to come.

These are the emerging trends in the market of using business intelligence software. Following these will definitely help you in staying ahead of your peers.

Available software:

There are numerous softwares available today. One can easily select amongst the available ones:

  • Sisense,
  • Zoho reports,
  • Adjust,
  • Cluvio,
  • Bitrix24, etc.

These are the ones that are quite popular today. One can easily try to download or install them. Before getting it permanently, one must try to get them for free or get it for a trial period. This will help to gauge the usefulness of the software for your firm. This can be done by following certain tips as mentioned below.

Tips to choose some effective business intelligence software:

  • Know your needs: It is the basic step before getting any software. Know your needs well in advance before installing the software.
  • Check out the reviews: One must surely read the reviews before installing the software. This will help in checking the loopholes if any.
  • Use the free trial: After narrowing down on the options, one must try to have a free trial. This will give a sneak peek of the working and use of the software for your requirements.

Features and importance:

The features of these crucial business intelligence software are:

  • Predicting the future: This means that the future of the business can be easily predicted using the existing data which is put into the software. This will enable the managers and owners to take decisions which are better and in the light of the prosperity of the business.
  • Data management: The data related to the firm could be effectively managed by using this software. It just not only analyses the data entered manually but also looks for the data. This helps in making decisions instantly without worrying for the data entry.
  • Analyses of sets of data: It is way helpful in analyzing the data of the business. This is probably the best outcome of the software. The typical and difficult calculations which are made by the software help to know the realistic and practical status of the business. This is way helpful in determining the future course of action of the business.
  • Feedback: For any business, it is of utmost importance to get some real feedback of the work being done. The business intelligence software gives feedback which will be helpful to take care of the existing and the future process as well. This might take into consideration the employees’ feedback and working as well.


The advantages of using business intelligence are numerous. They are as follows:

  • Accurate and unbiased work: This is one of the best outcomes of employing this software. When a human is employed to compute large amounts of data then it can be a difficult task. There is also a scope of some error. While the software and a machine can never go incorrect unless the data is fed incorrectly. Also, the next thing is that the feedback made by the software is way unbiased. It presents the reality in its accuracy.
  • Future analyses and predictions: In the cut-throat competition that exists today, it is of utmost importance that one stays ahead of others in terms of technology used. The software provides a way to predict the future and predict eh positive as well as negative possibilities.
  • Quality style reporting: It makes the reporting quite easy and useful for people even not aware of the system. It helps to analyze better.
  • Integration of data: As mentioned earlier too the software allows to encapsulate the data from multiple platforms and also amongst varying business systems. This software has this quality of integrating a pile of data from numerous sources in a quick manner.
  • Saving of time and energy: When a firm uses any business intelligence software, the firm is actually investing in more important things. This helps in saving a lot of time and energy otherwise required. This will also help the employees to work on real-time data with efficient computed results.


This was all about the business intelligence software. Using the trends of the market can always prove to be worth and beneficial for the business. It helps in the business in varying manners mentioned above.

One must always make use of modern technologies in business. The apt usage of traditional business methods and technology can prove to be so much use to your firm. It also depends upon the user how one makes the best use of it. They are to be used effectively in order to exploit their potential. This can be of immense use in growing your firm to the zenith of success.

So hopefully your firm gets the best of these software and grows to the highest level.

Happy software to you!

Author Bio: Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing in Dubai, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.