Emerald Chat, the Omegle Competitor

Emerald Chat

Emerald Chat  After Omegle first came online, as with any idea, there followed a plethora of copycat websites. This is fine, since the internet caters to 2 billion users, and not one site will be able to handle all the market, even if it’s a giant like Amazon or Google. There are always going to be optional sites to choose from, and some of them do grow to size, if not sometimes outstrip the original.

The world of online chatting, whether the text or video is swamped by thousands of choices. Most are designed to focus on specific niche groups such as shopping, dating, gaming, and sex. Yet, there are a few, like Emerald Chat that is trying to be unique in that they connect people to total stranger s for discussions on any subject that suits the individuals or group.

So, what does Emerald chat offer that Omegle doesn’t? Absolutely nothing, it’s the “same but different.” What you get is a standard platform for chatting with strangers, which is like any other.

Let’s take a look and see why I am underwhelmed.

I will take you through the process of registration to use, its very basic, even an IT illiterate can do it easily, which is perhaps the one redeeming feature of this platform.

Emerald Chat Registration

Type in www.emeraldchat.com and press enter.

You will get this screen:

Note, they open with their attack on Omegle, I honestly don’t know why they do this, but someone in their PR has got his or her wires crossed. That’s like going into a Ford dealership and seeing a sign stating its time to ditch your GM. Like what?

Now, the next step is to click the captcha box, and this will open the following screen:

If you are lucky, and you get it right, then you will only need to click-on the captcha screen one time, however, make a mistake and you get another picture and so on and so forth.

After you press the blue verify button, you get transferred to the next screen.

Now it’s up to you to be truthful, you only get two choices, male and female, so this site is not for aliens.

The next stage is to chose which type of chat you want.

Here you can choose between text, video, and group. I decided to try out the most basic option which is text. This transfers you to the following screen:

In this screen you have a number of options, they include picking a popular subject, or inserting your own tag in the “add interest tag” box. You are not limited, but remember adding a tag is key to success.

Once you click the blue start button, you get this screen:

Note that the person is also a stranger, this generally means that both of you are unregistered.

Now start chatting, see, simple.

Creating an Emerald Chat Profile

To create a profile, you need to click on the far top right power icon, which will let you create a personal profile if you so wish. So, let’s go and do that.

Now press on the My Profile option, and you get this screen:

Press on Edit:

Make all the adjustments, and even upload an avatar or photo. Your all set.

Now you can go to the Setting screen to change your login details, which you can only do when you sign up, do so and add your email and password for the site.

Buying an Emerald Chat Gold Membership

There is a “Gold’ Membership, which costs $5 per month, or $50 per year when you click on the link to upgrade you are transferred to their blog page in “Medium” and this is the opening statement:

With a Gold membership you can:

Filter users by:

1. Karma level set a min/max range of the level you want to meet.

2. Gender.

3. Stranger accounts.

You’ll get a verified blue tick next to your name

With Emerald gold, we also put you into a priority matching queue. This VIP queue is given first priority when choosing matches, so you get to meet people matching your settings with higher priority than non-gold members.

OK, so I didn’t pay for a Gold membership, but if you are interested in dating or chatting with a specific gender, either male or female (the only options available at the moment) you will need a Gold level membership.

Making Friends On Emerald Chat

One of the other differences between Omegle and Emerald is that you can make friends in Emerald, which means you can then save them for future chatting. As such, this extends Emerald from a random chat platform to a full-scale messaging and video chat platform.

You can get to the friend’s menu by clicking on the far right top icon (menu lines), and it opens this:

Click on Friends and now choose the friend you have or type in a name to get a list.

Let’s wrap this up

Emerald chat is global, and the current statistics show that 49% are North American (4% USA, 5% Canadian), 12% are from India, 9% are from the UK, 8% from the Philippines.

This is a really simple chat site that works very well and provides an easy to access service. If you want to pay for more “less randomly” then the price is set at $50 a year, or $5 a month, which makes it accessible. But in my opinion unnecessary since you can get free service in Facebook Messenger, and yes, you get to meet a lot of strangers on Facebook, as well as on Linkedin (for professional services) and get to chat for free.

So, is it worth $5, that’s subjective, I personally don’t believe that in this world of the internet where there is always a free service, I need to pay for it. That’s like paying for tap water from a public tap.