Thanks to the simplest of features found on cars that are produced today, like start buttons, starting your car is now easier than ever.

Are you having trouble getting your car started?

If you’re having trouble starting the motor of your car, it may be time to take a look at the starter motor.

Not exactly sure if your car needs some help with its starter motor? Keep reading to learn more!

What Does a Starter Motor Do? 

With the way that SUVs, cars, and trucks are currently built, the starter is attached to the back of the motor.

There’s a gear on the starter that matches up with the flywheel on your vehicle to start the process of ignition. Once the engine of your car turns over, fuel is pumped into the combustion chamber, which is lighted by the ignition system.

Signs Your Starter Motor Needs to Be Replaced: 

Think you’re having problems with your motor starter? Here are four warning signs that it may need to be replaced!

Buzzing Noise

Hear a quite, low buzzing, but your engine isn’t cranking? This is often a sign there’s electricity being passed to the starter motor, but there isn’t a strong enough flow of electricity to start the motor.

This is caused by a lack of electrical current, which is typically caused by corrosion on the terminals of the car’s battery or the battery of your car isn’t charged enough.

Lights Dimming When Starting Car

Do the interior lights of your car dim when you start your engine? Take a look at the lights on your dashboard to see if they dim down any.

When your car is first starting, the starter motor takes the extra electricity away from other systems running in your car. While it’s normal for the lights to dim when you’re first starting your car, you should also pay attention to see if you notice any sort of chugging sound.

If you notice that the chugging noise happens while the lights are dimming, it may be a warning sign that the starter motor in your vehicle is beginning to fail.

Car Doesn’t Start Consistently

Does your car not consistently start? If the wiring in the starter system of your car is dirty or loose, it could cause your car to start inconsistently. Even if your only ‘acts up’ every once in a while, it’s a warning sign you need to get your car to a mechanic because your starter is failing.

Seeing or Smelling Smoke

The power of the starter motor is controlled by electricity. It’s not uncommon for the starter to overheat because there’s a constant source of power being supplied to the motor.

This problem can be caused by a faulty ignition switch, a short circuit, or an ignition switch that’s gone bad.

Start Your Engine Today

As soon as you suspect problems with your starter motor, contact a local professional mechanic to make sure that your car is fixed.

Looking for more ways to take care of the health of your car? Feel free to check out our other blog posts!