Academic Success
Academic Success

Most writing services work the following way: you order a paper, the writer finishes it in a day or two before sending you a small preview. To get the rest of the essay, you have to pay. This results in mediocre and tasteless writing – not to mention unhappy clients. is an essay writing company that rises above this cliche, giving you much more control over the writing. The service motivates the writer to try their best and really serve the client with a proper academic essay.

In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of this service. Based on this, you can make a proper judgment on whether it’s for you or not.

Writing Quality

The first thing to discuss is, of course, the quality of the writing.

Most students who use a service like this have little time to proofread and edit lengthy essays. They place their trust in the hands of professional writers who do essays for a living. But some of these writers aren’t that… professional.

It’s no secret that essay services hire non-native speakers while ensuring that writing quality is a selling point. EssayPro knows this, and take intelligent measures to avoid it. Their writers have allegedly handpicked university graduates who have written plenty of essays in the past. They also allow clients to follow the writer’s progress and check their work on request.

There is no need to “pay for another preview.” Therefore writers work harder, and clients receive much better writing.

Helpful Support

Students don’t trust these kinds of companies. And they’re right to do so – many of them are shady and unresponsive. These students will hammer away in the customer support chat asking “when is my essay ready” or “give me my money back.”

On the other hand, EssayPro treats clients very professionally. Their support team is extremely responsive, and they do work 24/7.

Moreover, students rarely harass the support team mainly because they can chat directly with the writer and monitor their progress. It’s an entirely different formula that empowers the client rather than being shady and manipulative.

Which leads us to…

Client and Writer Communication


This is where EssayPro truly excels. Client and writer communications are essential to receiving high-quality work and this service nails that aspect to the ground.

When ordering a paper, you can exchange ideas and sources with the writer. Also, they request previous samples of the client’s writing to mimic their writing style. This way, a professor who has read the student’s work before won’t even notice that they ordered from a writing service.

The real upside of communicating with the writer is requesting proofreads and edits. As we writers know, editing is what turns a rough paper into a masterpiece. After a few drafts and proofreads, the client knows exactly what they’re receiving.

A Fair Price Tag

Considering all these funky features and quality checks – the price of EssayPro’s essays isn’t that bad. At $12 per page, you get full control over the process as well as free Grammar and plagiarism checks.

The price tag is slightly above that of a freelance writer on Upwork. However, the writers on this platform are handpicked while on Upwork you’ll have to rely on your critical analysis skills to find a suitable person for the job.

The Downsides

All this considered, there are a few downsides to ordering a paper from EssayPro.

The first one worth talking about is the length of time in which they complete the essays. On the website, they boast that some essays can be written in under 6 hours which begs the question – how? Perhaps the writers already have a few formulas and tricks up their sleeves to pump out academic essays at lightning speed. Strangely, this does not affect the quality of the writing.

The last one – the originality of these essays. Don’t get me wrong – they NEVER send plagiarised work. Still, don’t expect your essay to be a unique snowflake. The sources they use are pretty generic, and these writers don’t exactly bring anything fresh to the table. And why should they? They’re freelancers trying to help you finish an essay faster – not academics conceiving new theories and speculations for an essay writing service.

If you want to contribute new ideas and fresh insights into your academic field – then do some research and write the paper yourself.

In Conclusion

The hard facts are there – on EssayPro you get what you pay for. A quality paper, which can be proofread and edited for free at any time. The price is fair considering that the service finds and suggests the best writers for you. The support team is responsive and helpful.

However, you won’t “amaze” your professor and “stun them” with your academic prowess. Use an essay writing service only for clearing up your schedule, passing the class, or focusing on personal activities rather than academics.

They’ll help you – but as the saying goes “if you want it done best, then do it yourself.”