iPhone X
iPhone X

iPhones, as well as other electronics of our daily use, are subject to defects. Despite the comfort, agility and high quality promised by the handset manufacturer, they are subject to technical flaws – and this is normal.

So do not despair! This text introduces some of the common iPhone issues and what you should do to fix them. Keep reading and stay on top of the tips!

The common iPhone issues

1. Battery life

This can be a controversial problem among iPhone users. This is because, with each update of the operating system, the inclusion of new functions occurs, and with this, the battery ends up being consumed more and more quickly. However, if you use the same features you used before, but now the device’s battery lasts less, stay tuned! It may be that your iPhone is still using an older version of iOS. To optimize your use of your smartphone, you can choose to upgrade it.

This does not mean that soon after this process your smartphone will change: applications need to receive the required updates according to the new version and this can take a while – on average, a week. If all else does not solve the problem, it may be time to replace the battery. Some applications may consume battery power too fast and you need to remove some of them. But if you accidentally delete some important files then you need Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery.

2. Broken Home Button

This defect was common in older Apple devices. The new versions are more resistant to it, but that does not mean users are totally free to try it. There is, however, one resource that can help you on this occasion. Apple included in the operating system a virtual button that simulates the physical version of Home. Thus, in case of failure or breakage, until you seek a specialized service to repair it, you can continue to use its functions quietly. To activate it, go to the menu, choose the “Accessibility” option and enable the “Assistive Touch” feature. Okay, now you have a virtual Home.

3. Defective earphones

If you experience difficulties with the headphones, please note that this is due to bad contact, incorrect connection or damage. If after several attempts, you can’t make the accessory work, you can use the warranty: Apple stores exchange for another device for free, provided that the device is within the warranty period. From the iPhone 7, there is no longer the traditional input for the headphones. To activate them, you need to connect to bluetooth, but after a few minutes of inactivity, they may disconnect themselves. To repair this problem, you must restart the device and see if the connection improves. If it is not resolved – and the device is still under warranty – you can request repair or replacement.

4. Warped iPhone

Some users, loading their iPhones into their pants pockets, ended up with a warped smartphone. The subject was so controversial that it became the bendgate – which questioned the quality of the brand’s products. The most recent cases occurred mainly with the 6S Plus model. Apple has expressed itself and makes the exchange of the devices that have the defect. So if your iPhone warps, do not think twice: look for an official Apple store and get a new one. Other problems such as “water damaged problems” can be overcome with special software. Can a water damaged iPhone be fixed? Of course!

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