Hotsuit is a high-end American sportswear and fitness apparel brand. It was established in 1999 in Denver in the western state of Colorado, United States of America. Initially, the company started as a sweatsuit manufacturer and later grew into a fashion brand company. Hotsuit caters to the apparel needs of leading professional athletes and celebrity artists around the world. The company has its factory outlets, and it ships to most of the countries worldwide. The management of Hotsuit envisions to become the world’s leading sportswear brand one day.

Product Range

Since Hotsuit is a niche-specific brand and aims at improving the lives of people engaging in sports and health-related activities, the company also offers sports bags, headbands, caps, knee caps, towels and socks to aid the athletes and fitness enthusiasts in exercising and working out.

Hotsuit offers a range of products and sports gear for both men and women. The range includes tops, bottoms, sauna suits, and accessories. Hotsuit’s special collection outfits include Performance Collection, Sweating Collection, and Black Label collection. Each of these collections offers a variety of long sleeve and short sleeve tops, sauna tops, long and short sauna suits, hoodies, coats, tanks, trousers, pants, leggings, and shorts for both men and women. Although men’s collection consists of all the products, Hotsuit takes a step ahead when it comes to offering activewear to women and includes items such as long and short sleeve crop tops, waist trainers, sports bras and sports skirts.

Premium Fitness Apparel

The company has a very active social media profile and uses platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to reach out, connect, and market itself to its customers.

The technology smart fabric used in manufacturing Hotsuit’s sweatsuit is patented and called ‘Nano-Silver N9000’. The premium fitness apparel brand competes against other sportswear brands such as Alala, Echt, and Wolven. Each brand has its target market and customer profile. However, when it comes down to performance, Hotsuit is preferred by most customers because of the wide variety of sizes available and a free shipping and free return policy.

Reward System

Hotsuit has a very interactive website with a chat option to help visitors out with their choices. The company also offers various sales promotions, including weekly discounts and a points and rewards system for its customers online. The point and reward system is simple: you create an account on the website portal and earn 200 points for that. Then you log in and further earn points by following the company profile on various social media platforms and interacting with their posts and tweets, making in-store or online purchases, writing a review for their product, spending over $69.99 in their store or simply earn a bonus of 2000 points for your birthday. You may later use these points to get discounts ranging from 10% to 30% on your future purchases.

To dig into the details, according to the website, if you have earned a total of 900-950 points, you get a 10% discount on all products. Similarly, if you have collected a total of 2000-2500 points, you have earned yourself a 20% discount on all products. Lastly, to get a 30% discount on your future purchases, you need to accumulate a total of 2800-3500 points.

To sum it up, Hotsuit is a growing sportswear brand which has seen mammoth success over the 20 years of its conception. The company’s core values of hard work and quality products remain at the heart of its success. The company lives by its mantra of ‘Sweat&Sparkle.’