Well, people generally watch movies for entertainment, right? But do you know that movies have the highest influence on our lives? Because when we watch movies we are completely get involved in the movie in our imagination. So, movies are one of the best ways to learn anything.

Now you may be wondering how movies can help you to learn about blockchain or bitcoin? Yes, you can learn about them because there are some fantastic movies created to teach people about technology and crypto coins. Here I am going to share the list of my favorite movies on blockchain and bitcoin that will help you to learn about them.

Blockchain and Crypto Movies

If you have a shortage of time, here is a short summary of the list of movies. This will help you to earn some crypto cash in the future. Before starting the bitcoin, trading check all trusted broker reviews here trustpedia.io/brokers-reviews/

  • Trust Machine- The Story of Blockchain
  • Bitcoin-The End of Money as We Know It
  • Banking on Bitcoin
  • The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
  • Life on Bitcoin

Now let us go in detail to know which movie will teach you what.

Trust Machine- The Story of Blockchain

If you are fascinated by blockchain technology, then this movie is the best to start with. Here you will see how blockchain has evolved and consequently the cryptocurrencies also invented. Initially, blockchain was known for only the financial transactions in terms of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But today blockchain is one of the most demanding and trending technologies of the hour.

Almost every industry is demanding blockchain technology for its decentralized nature. Mostly, it has a wide application in the financial sectors, banking sectors, supply chain management, healthcare, etc. So, start with this movie if you want to learn and make a career out of blockchain technology or just for the sake of awareness.

Bitcoin-The End of Money as We Know It

There is so much noise about the end of cash transactions and a cashless society. Many financial experts predict that the traditional currency system will be disrupted in a few years. However, nobody can be so sure about it.

But as per the statistical data, it is predicted that it may take another decade for a cashless society. This idea has come when Torstein Hoffman created a movie on bitcoin in 2104. In this movie, he shared some insights on how the digital currency works and how it will replace the present money system Bitcoin ranked the number one cryptocurrency since 2009.

Today there are more than a thousand crypto coins that have created but bitcoin has to remain in the top list in terms of its market cap. This is also one of the best movies if you are just starting to learn about crypto and bitcoins. It is a 60-minute documentary movie.

Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on bitcoin will show you how the future of the banking system will like. How the traditional system of cash transactions will be replaced by digital currencies. The transaction data will be stored in smart contracts and it will be very useful for the banks to detect any fraud activities. You must watch these movies if you belong to the banking sector.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin ranked top in terms of market capitalization and its value. More than a thousand coins have created but it has remained at the top position since 2009. This movie gives how bitcoin become popular irrespective of its high volatility

Life on Bitcoin

Life o Bitcoin is one of the most interesting movies which will show how life can be without banks. How can you live in a society without using credit cards, cash, and having a bank account?

Final Words

Remember, these movies are only to give an idea about how bitcoin and blockchain works. But you need a lot more information and research to get thorough of them. If you want to become a professional in this field then you may take up some online courses.