Getting Instagram followers is quite challenging nowadays. There are literally millions of Instagram accounts that people can follow, so why should they go with yours? It all comes down to finding the right audience and offering them the content that they want. In the world of Instagram, you always need to have fresh, quality content. But you also need some strategies to obtain Instagram followers, and here are some of the best.

Use hashtags

These will make your page known when people browse a hashtag. Many companies got their start on Instagram with this approach, so it works really well. The idea is to know what you are getting into and what approach is working as a complete process. You can also create your own hashtag. However, in this case, you need to promote it on your website and other social sites too. Cross-promotion will help a lot.

Insert a bio URL

The bio URL helps you a lot because you can drive traffic to your site or to the most popular content you have on Instagram. This drives more Instagram followers, the idea is to change it as often as you can, as otherwise it won’t really help you that much and you want to avoid issues.

Participate in conversations

The reason you want to do that is because you can add the hashtag and people can find you. Plus, if you offer meaningful ideas and content in those conversations, then people will also try to check your content and that alone can be a very good idea.

Come up with great captions

Captions matter and people will share them if they are fun or informative. You can go either route, but try to make captions unique and very interesting. That’s when people will start sharing and that on its own can be very exciting every time. You just have to commit to that and the experience itself will be staggering every time.

Use influencers

Let’s face it, many ways to gain Instagram followers are slow. If you want a lot of followers fast, then working with influencers helps a lot. The influencer will promote your Instagram account and other social accounts, and you will be able to bring in a lot of leads and customers this way. It’s definitely going to cost you to pay the influencer, but the ROI can be huge and that’s what really matters the most in a situation like this. Just take your time and commit to that, it will be well worth it in the long run.

Run a giveaway

When it comes to getting Instagram followers, you always need to be as creative as you can. Running a giveaway is actually one of the best methods you can use in order to grow your Instagram channel. You can also run giveaways often if you want. But you should always focus on gathering the right audience by offering an item that’s connected to your niche. This way you are fully targeting your audience and you get Instagram followers that won’t leave.

Create your own visual style

It’s a very good idea to use a visual style that really works for you. If you can’t create your own style yourself, hire a designer. There are many designers that can help you create amazing visuals and the return on investment can be very interesting. Commit to that and it will be very rewarding every time.

Focus on your local area

The reason why local content works is because it focuses on people and it delivers the best possible results and value. While you can try to focus on the entire world, it’s better to stay local if you speak a certain language or you just want to promote your store or business. It will be a lot better to just commit to creating localized content like this and the payoff can be very good because of that. We recommend you to use this idea, and the experience alone can be extremely impressive.

Buy Instagram Followers

You always need to find a creative solution and you can get many Instagram followers from to achieve your goals. This approach is great because you can supplement how many followers you have right now and it will definitely bring in front of some nice solutions for you to explore every time. Just use that to your own advantage and you will be very happy with the experience no matter the situation.

Engage with other communities

A good way to obtain more exposure is to connect with other communities. It will make it easier for you to start generating more customers and it certainly has the potential to bring you astonishing results. Just make sure that you commit to the process and you make it work, then the payoff can be amazing every time.

Ask followers to tag their friends

Once those friends are tagged, they will check your page and if they like it, then you will get more leads and customers. It’s definitely worth it and you will find it that it will bring you more exposure and more value. Plus, you don’t really have to do anything, you encourage others to promote you here.


Getting a lot of Instagram followers is all about knowing what you need to do in order to get the job done. Creating great posts, using Stories, advertising on Instagram helps a lot too, so try to use those and the ideas in this article to really focus on generating more exposure for your business. Instagram is great for that and it offers you an amazing potential and comprehensive results. You just have to give it a try for yourself and you will be heavily impressed with the outcome no matter the situation.