Something very interesting to ask if you’re into any kind of business at any level is “what can I do to get more traction in my business?” A lot of business owners go to a lot of lengths to get their businesses in the eyes of more people just so they can get some conversion. Of course, with the invention of social media marketing has become a little bit easy for those that know what to do and how to go about it. Instagram, for example, has an increased rate of conversion with all its new features.

If you do own a business, one of the ways to get it out there is to own a business page on Instagram. Most individuals are stuck in the dilemma on whether to buy or not buy an Instagram account for their business. This is something everyone with a business should look to get. More so, getting an Instagram page is one thing but you’ll also need some tips to navigate and get the exposure you need to guarantee conversions. Here are some ways to make your business page on Instagram more profitable. In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can make your Instagram business page more profitable. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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Interesting Content

One of the things that attract people to Instagram pages is good content and as much as possible, you should be a sucker for good content as this will open up so many doors for you. Everyone who follows you should be able to know with clarity what you do and also love the content you post enough to want to share it. Business owners who got their Instagram accounts from places like should focus on dishing out high-quality pictures and videos that can interest people and cause them to follow or share them. You should also include a call to action in your content just so it isn’t empty. Sometimes, you could see a wonderful post online and all you’re required to do is like the picture and scroll pass, focus on adding a call to action.

Let people see your post and click on the link in your bio to purchase what you’re selling or comment and win some giveaway. All of these have a way of improving user engagement and this will eventually turn to conversion. An interesting content would be taking your followers behind the scenes to show them how you arrive at the beautiful products you sell. If you’re a photographer, you could show them the preparation that goes into a photo shoot, if you sell finished products, then you can show your followers how it is prepared and what ingredients you use. People are intrigued by such posts and it usually fuels their desire to purchase from you.


One of the reasons you should give it to the businesses you see on Instagram is their level of consistency. As a business owner who wants to attract the right people and ensure a lot of engagement on your business page, you need to be consistent in your posts and contents. This will give you off as a dependable and reliable vendor. Whether your posts are about your products and services or whether they are motivational quotes of the day with a call to action, people just need to see that this page will live up to its words. So, you would need to post every day just so you can stay on top of things. This can grow your followership base and of course, this will turn out profitable for your business. The more followers you can amass, the greater your chances of making money through your Instagram business page.

Hashtags, Mentions, and Giveaways

There are a lot of ways to make your business page more profitable and this includes using hashtags, getting in people’s mentions and organizing a lot of giveaways. When you post content whether a photo or video, remember to use the Instagram hashtags as this will increase your chances of being seen by a lot more people. Some people do not follow hashtags so be sure to tag other vendors and influencers when you post any content.

You could also collaborate with other vendors and business owners and get them to mention you in their posts or have them repost some of your content while you do the same for them. Another thing worth doing is giveaways. Without mincing words, everyone loves giveaways and you would love the amount of user engagement you will get. You could make it in the form of contests where the 100th person to comment on your picture wins something or you could even promote another business and have your followers win gift items or a product you sell when they follow that other page. The lists are endless as to how these giveaways can be staged. All these can make your business page on Instagram much more profitable than you imagined.

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Paid Advertising

Instagram has a lot of features and even though you can get organic views on your page, paid advertising takes you a lot further than you would have thought. There are paid ads that could change the face of your business and make having a business page on Instagram more profitable for you. Whether photos or videos, sponsored ads get to a wider range of people than your followers or the people you tag. Think of it this way, you will be paying Instagram to let you access their clients from everywhere that you could not reach ordinarily.


One of the ways to know if your business page on Instagram is yielding good results is to step back and analyze all that you have done so far. A lot of times, a lot could be lost in between because we are looking for that big break. Taking time out to consider the profits you have made from your Instagram page as well as the losses can help you decide if you indeed want to continue or would just like to put a cap on it. You could analyze this by measuring and comparing your followership strength per campaign and also the level of engagement you have recorded over the whole period.

To wrap it up

As much as possible, getting an Instagram business page from sites like does wonders for your business and is profitable with the right tips and tools. You will also encounter a lot more tools on Instagram as you progress because technology is fast evolving.