dr.fone How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone?
dr.fone How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone?

If you lost data from your iPhone, don’t worry you can easily get it back. Following we will give you simple guidelines that will help you recover the lost data from your device. The recent updates introduced us to some hacks that will help you recover your data without installing a heavy third-party app. With that said, following we are going to show you how to recover your data.

It doesn’t matter whether your phone got damage, you delete your stuff by mistake or had an upgrade or factory reset, its time you focus on how to get your stuff back. Following, we will show you how to recover your data with and without an iPhone Data Recovery Software.

Things You Should Know

Precaution is better than cure, so you better keep your data being overwritten or getting lost. If you lost your data, don’t add or delete stuff until you recover the lost data.

iTunes Backup

iTunes is not a third-party app. It lets you create a backup of your stuff. So, you better take advantage while you can. But if you have lost your data, you can try and check the iTunes for any backup.

Scan for the Backup

If you synched several devices with the iTunes, then you have more than one backup files. Select the one from your iPhone and retrieve it.

Preview Lost Data

Before you import the file, it would make sense if you access the copy and view its contents. You need to see the contacts, messages, call history, notes, videos, view everything at the moment.

Recover it

Once you had a look at everything and are satisfied, its time, you recover the backup file. Just choose the file and click the recover button.

Recover it to your Computer

You got the data back; now it would make sense if you recover it to your computer to make an additional backup just in case.

Recover from iCloud

Sign in to your iCloud Account and recover the backup file. Once you try to retrieve it, you will be asked to sign-in again for security reasons, get on with it.

  • Scan the File

Just like iTunes if you paired more than one device, you will have several backup files showing up. Just choose the one from your iPhone and get going.

  • Download

Once you select the file, a pop-up will show displaying its content including contacts, notes, calendar, camera roll, etc. Just select the stuff you are going to recover and press on. Download the file and review it once again to select the stuff you want to recover

  • Recover Your Data

When you hit recover, you get two options, recover to phone and recover to the computer. Choose according to your preferences. Before you load it, make sure you format iPhone once. It will help you clean any malware.

Use a Software

There is several recovery software available in the online market. Make sure you read the user testimonials before you download. It will help you stay safe!