Traveling alone may sound like a total contradiction for many of us. We usually associate holiday trips with hanging out with friends or family, sharing new experiences, and creating valuable memories. But what if we don’t have a great company? Should we decide to spend the whole summer stuck at home or travel with a stranger? Well, this may work in some of the cases, but … why not choose to enjoy your own company and head for an adventure alone? It seems to have a lot of benefits, but it’s probably easier said than done. Here you have a complete guide to traveling alone and making the most of it!

Alone? But why?

Many people ask this question to themselves. It can’t be denied that in our culture, being ‘alone’ is still seen as being ‘lonely’. Meanwhile, it’s surely not the same! A person who travels or lives alone doesn’t have to feel lonely, sad, and discouraged. On the contrary – they may be relieved and happy to escape from their comfort zone and broaden the horizons.

So don’t judge anyone immediately and don’t feel guilty about being alone. Once you change your mind and start treating solitary travels as something normal, people around you are going to do the same. As a single traveler, you become more self-confident and decisive, as you can choose whichever destination, hotel, or restaurant you like.

You don’t have to share your ideas with others. To practice this a little bit, start with spending time in restaurants, parks or other public places on your own. Note down your feelings and if you feel comfortable, talk to strangers. You’ll see that after a few such ‘sessions’, you’ll be a lot more confident and independent!

Traveling alone = more things to enjoy

If you make independent decisions on your trip, it means that you can have a lot of fun without any boundaries set by others. No one is going to complain about your parties and late-night walks. It’s you who decides. If you are a ‘party animal’ kind of person, you may want to choose a destination with a lot of clubs and nightlife events.

We all know that partying is a great occasion to meet new people and share experiences. What’s more, sex tourism is developing in more and more places in the world. If you lack a significant other during the trip, finding a holiday one-night-stand partner is always an option. When you don’t

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A chance to be ‘local’

When you travel with friends, you are likely to look just like tourists and the locals won’t probably enjoy your company that much. The situation is different when you’re alone, though – you can easily blend in and spend time with new people. It’s a unique occasion to pick up some new words in a foreign language or indulge in the other culture that you wouldn’t discover by merely sightseeing. Sometimes the locals are willing to organize special tours where tourists visit some off-the-beaten-track places.

Is solitary traveling cheaper?

More and more people nowadays are enjoying their holidays on a tight budget. Why? For many, it’s a great occasion to multiply the trips and getaway three or four times a year. It seems that traveling on your own may help to do that. You can choose and change the accommodation as often as you want and plan it in a way that allows you to save some money.

The same goes for meal preparation – it’s undoubtedly more comfortable to make lunch just for yourself and have it for a few days. Whenever you fancy eating out, restaurants and bars often have their exclusive meal deals just for one person. Also, once you have your trip schedule prepared in advance, you can look for travel card offers, which usually give you cheaper access to all the local attractions and famous sites.

Experience more and deeper

We all know that feeling when we want to be alone and live the moment on holiday, enjoy a sip of coffee in the morning sun, or just stare at people passing by. When you travel in a group, it’s often impossible. Everybody is chatting, planning, exchanging opinions, and annoying those who want to be left alone for a couple of minutes.

There’s no doubt that spending your trip with no company enables you to experience more and feel deeper without Instagram photos or social media posts. Finally, by being on your own, you may discover some unknown things about yourself and get more familiar with your thoughts, reactions, and habits.

Traveling alone can be challenging and strange for some people. But apparently, there are more benefits than risks to that. If you simply remember about some safety rules, such as informing your close ones about your current location and the trip plan, everything will be perfect. It’s just essential to open up and get ready to discover the world – without any boundaries, quarrels, or reproaches. So don’t hesitate, book your tickets, pack the suitcases and let your adventure begin!