If you are a marketing, influencer, or brand using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, it is essential that you know how the Instagram algorithm works so you can use it to your advantage.

It takes more than just a few pretty images or videos and some interesting captions to market on this platform like a pro. However, it is not impossible or particularly difficult to learn how to improve your presence.

If you need Instagram algorithm tips to improve your reach, you have landed in the right place.

Six Main Algorithm Aspects for Generating Posts

1) Interest – The higher your interest in liking posts generates more similar posts in your feed.

2) Relationship – Instagram calculates relationships by the level of interest in following new Instagrammers.

3) Timeliness – Instagram prioritizes the latest posted content over the most popular or interesting posts.

4) Frequency – The more you are on the Instagram app, the more your feed will be chronological and relevant. Otherwise, it guesses at what you want to see.

5) Following – You will see posts from people you follow who are active on Instagram.

6) Usage – The more time you spend on this app, the more content and suggested content generates.

The algorithm also reacts to certain elements for Instagram Stories, Explore, IGTV, and Reels.

Here are some ideas on how you encourage the algorithm on Instagram.

1) Drive Interactions with Stickers on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories make a great marketing tool on Instagram. Stories are prioritized over regular posts and are more visible to your audience for 24 hours. Using stickers from this feature is a good tool for driving more engagement from your followers and potential followers.

Driving this engagement will boost your Stories, resulting in higher priority from the Instagram algorithm. The best stickers for engagement include emoji slider, question stickers, and poll stickers.

The emoji slider and poll stickers create fast and easy interactions for any business or brand while question stickers are not as quick but are good for driving authentic audience engagement.

2) Encourage Conversations with Engaging Comments and Captions

Instagram captions should explain the purpose for the video or image you post. Interesting and captivating captions prompt conversations, therefore driving engagement.

Comments on your posts play a major role in driving engagement and getting good attention from the algorithm. Feed ranking is driven by comments. Encourage comments by asking your followers to share their feelings and/or tag friends in the posts.

3) Take Advantage of Instagram’s Newest Features

Gaining credibility and priority on Instagram means engaging with their latest features. Adopting their newest features shows you are engaged and involved on the platform.

Instagram Reels is the newest of this social media network’s features. Trying it on for size will give your profile a nice boost. Going forward, keep an eye on developing new features to use.

4) Improve Your Hashtag Strategy

If you are not using hashtags, it is time to start. You should not just use any hashtags but develop a strategy for your hashtag usage.

Hashtags allow people searching for your niche, industry, brand, or whatever you are promoting to easily find the content they want. Instagram has a Hashtags Suggestions feature to help you find relevant hashtags for your content. You can generate up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Try not to overuse or misuse hashtags.

5) Content Cross-Promotion

If you want quick engagement that is simple and easy to get, try boosting your posts through cross-promotion on other social media channels and your blog. Cross-promotion is an excellent method of getting the most out of the Instagram algorithm.

Share your posts on Instagram with others, add it to your Stories and go out to your other social media platforms to engage more users. Embedding your videos into your blog and adding your Instagram feed to be displayed on your blog is another great method of cross-promotion.

6) Promptly Answer Instagram DMs

Direct messages play a big role in the Instagram algorithm. DM engagement is a solid indicator that you are engaging with your audience.

You may have noticed that accounts with which you DM a lot are given priority and show up even before your Instagram Stories. This is the algorithm doing its job by showing you the content you want the most.

One way to boost DM engagement is to invite your followers to DM with you in Q&A sessions or by promoting quick reactions using emojis. Whatever you do, be sure to be quick to respond to DM and/or set up your Instagram Quick Replies.

7) Monitor Instagram Analytics

Knowing what is working and what is not will help you hone your content to better engage your audience.

Instagram analytics allows you to know how a post performs and what you need to do more of and what you should no longer do.

Remember that analytics will change over time, so stay on top of that aspect of your Instagram account.

These tips will help you make the best of the Instagram algorithm to improve your reach.

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