iOS upgrades might seem to deliver the same features for everyone, but when you look at operating systems from a functionality point of view, then the applications of each upgrade are totally different for all the various categorized customer groups.

College students use mobile phones totally differently from home managers, business executives, professional’s drivers, etc. etc.… and you get my meaning. Essentially, every group that uses a mobile Apple device uses different features for different purposes, and as such, every upgrade provides different experiences for each user.

Now college students are grouped into tech-savvy and hillbillies, where the tech-savvy will constantly upgrade their various electronic devices and know what’s happening in the world of IoT all the time. The Hillbillies or hippies (yes, they still exist but with shorter hairdos and are now called Vegans or Environmentally Friendly) are not into technology, and just want a device to communicate, take photos and generally have fun with.

Now the iOS 12 upgrade is the latest to hit the Apple scene and has offered a number of performance upgrades for iPad and iPhone models, here are the key impact factors of the new upgrade, that are relevant to college kids.

Easier Essay Writing

With all the assignments and deadlines approaching, every student, from the most fastidious to the laziest wants some control over their schedule. Well perhaps not the laziest, but the rest of us do want some semblance of control, we are not all Animal House frats.

The latest iOS 12 update speeds up the keyboard by 50% and makes the screen animations smoother for better swipe performance. Just these two simple upgrades provide an optimized efficiency upgrade that makes typing, saving and navigation much easier.

Essentially, what a super-fast keyboard does is speed up the typing process so when you are texting from boredom in the middle of a large auditorium, you get to chat faster. You can also use this feature to write e-mails and take on professional essay writers to finish your work, freeing up time to chat even more. You can find a lot of professional essay writers via your upgraded iOS 12 iPhone in Upworks.

Group Facetime Feature

Thank you, Apple for being so considerate. The Group Facetime feature is an absolute lifesaver. This small addition makes it easier to manage our social groups for personal living, fantasy world living and for group studying which is what we want to focus on. Well, not really, but heck, as a college student, I still want time to organize stuff without having to set up individual chats. This way I get, we get the ability to set up groups for anything and everything. Just don’t mix up your groups or you might end up sending private messages to your family. (Hah!)

Improved “Do Not Disturb” Features

Do not disturb is one feature that is not really fitting into boring lectures, after all, what’s more important, a droning session on quantitative analysis and asset morbidity models, or a quick look to a Tinder message. Well, while Tinder is fun, it shouldn’t invade the lecture, after all, one day I will have to be able to afford to pay for all my partners’ desires, and I can’t do that if I’m washing dishes with illegal immigrants seeking to improve their lives in America. It seems that washing dishes in Wyoming is better than managing a store in Chihuahua.

So, if you want to be the next success story, use the new and improved “do not disturb” features offered by iOS 12. These features give us concentration challenged students the ability to activate the feature for specified periods of time including recurring daily or weekly. This will make sure you can concentrate on the boring classes as well.

Smarter Siri

Yup, Siri, what a daft name, I think Alexa is so much sexier, but then I am a student, and a male one and I do occasionally drink (but not when I drive). Siri makes me feel like a hi-tech executive, I can talk to my phone, and it obeys. Welcome i-Robot and psionic brains. However, in reality, I am an average family student, no scholarships and a lot of work in and out of college to provide sustenance as well as be able to study while awake. Siri, as such, is a lifesaver, she (yes, to me she is a she) and she pops up with my morning Coffee order from Starbucks as I dash out of my dorm and head to class.

Student IDs for Wallets

What’s the point of an electronic wallet if you can’t use it for your student ID, and I mean that, This latest upgrade might seem a bit subtle, but it allows me to walk through any location without any worries about having or forgetting my student ID card. I actually use this to go to the Gym, the library and to show off that I am so tech savvy.

Time Management Technology

So if you think big brother 1984 was fiction guess again. Only in 2018 big brother is not some dystopian totalitarian society of fear, which can be counterproductive as it was in Communist Russia. No, we have a more comfortable devil that lulls us into complacency and feeds us to obedience, it’s called the American Dream, and it’s a fantasy world that drives you either insane and homeless or successfully rich and plastic (yup, too much botox).

So here is TMT, a system that measures the time you spend on the phone and guess what, yes, it might seem invasive, but you know what, I need it. It shows me how much time I am looking at the damned iPhone screen and not at the beautiful wonders of nature and my family.

Yup, have you been in that situation where you went to a bar or restaurant with finds or family and all of a sudden everyone is face down into a screen! My bible bashing friends call it the devil’s tool, and you know what, I actually believe them, what better way to dislocate society than to dislocate the individual from society. Instead of managing real-time relationships and talking across the table, I find myself chatting with a friend that lives 200 miles away, or looking at photos on Instagram or Snapchat while my friends or family sitting next to me are all doing the same. All expect anyone over 50, for some reason my dad and grandma find it more interesting to talk to each other, weird that, isn’t it.

So there you have it, the iOS 12 upgrade with all its college improvement features.