Among all the social media platforms used today for enhancing business, Instagram is among the top few. It has about 1 billion active monthly users. Due to its high engagement rate, every business account holder aims at getting followers on Instagram to build a brand and attract potential customers. With people spending more and more time on social media, especially Instagram, digital marketers, brands, and content creators never miss out on tapping into this user pool.

When you are just starting on Instagram, it is normal for you to expect followers on your Instagram account. However, when your Instagram account fails to attract followers, you start looking for answers. It needs to be understood that you cannot get Instagram followers in a week or a month.

It is a gradual process and takes a lot of hard work on a daily basis like exploring various Instagram tools and features like Instagram Posts, Stories, Highlights and Reels and making content plans or storyboards, and so on.

However, don’t get disappointed!

The good news is one can grow followers on Instagram if one learns how to do it right and follows the latest trends. Read on to find out a handful of tips for increasing Instagram followers effectively and organically. But before delving into that, let us know more about Instagram followers.

All You Need To Know About Getting Instagram followers

The entire process of getting new followers may sound a bit complicated, but not for someone who is into it and knows the nitty-gritty. Of course, the process is not that easy; it needs determination, dedication, consistency, hard work, and, most importantly, a passionate willingness to increase followers on Instagram. Multiple effective strategies can help a content creator grow Instagram followers.

Gone are those days when people could use specific tactics to gain followers on Instagram within a few days. Some people also used to buy followers, but smart tactics don’t work anymore. The algorithm of Instagram changes quite often. This results in challenges to digital marketers and/or account holders to gain followers on their Instagram accounts.

Now guess the best part, you don’t have to spend money to get tons of fake followers on your Instagram account which anyway doesn’t do any good. What next? Well, if you know everything about creating and posting compelling content on your Instagram account with consistency, you can expect to gain Instagram followers fast in 2021. Let’s see how.

Top Ways To Get Instagram Followers In 2021

  1. Optimize your Instagram account: Before you get started, do some groundwork. Make sure you have done all the needful to optimize your account like having an engaging bio that portrays your business in the best way. Use a nice profile image, keywords, spacing, line breaks, emojis, hashtags, and call to action. Your Bio tells the visitors about your brand, so you simply cannot ignore it if you want to put your best foot forward. Also, the link in your bio matters as it will help your website get qualified traffic. Ensure your username is catchy and easy, no-frills attached.
  1. Posting Consistently: You may not know, but consistency helps content creators build an online presence, especially on Instagram, the world’s leading social media platform. Consistently posting content on Instagram content can result in higher engagement on your Instagram account. However, the content must be fresh, interesting, and presented appealingly.
    Popular brands on Instagram always focus on Consistency. To become one of them, you also need to post interesting quotes, videos, memes to entertain and inform your audience. Besides this, posting regularly on Instagram is essential; it helps you reach a higher audience, build trust and brand authority. You can even post multiple times a day, considering the fact that there are whopping millions of daily active users on Insta.
  1. High-quality posts: Make sure your posts are consistent in terms of text fonts, colors used, images, and cool aesthetic elements. This adds personality to your brand. Also, always use high-quality images since it is a visual medium. Learn the use of white space and contrast to create balance. Check out the content formats you can use. Also, you can find many ready-to-use templates and software to create social media posts.
  1. Applying the right hashtags: While posting content on Instagram, using the right combination of hashtags can help you reach a broader range of audiences. You can choose the hashtags that are relevant to your niche. You can carry out research on the hashtags your competitors are using and create a list. If you don’t like to see a long list of hashtags visible, you can color code it as per the picture or text backgrounds so that they become invisible.
  1. Reply to your followers: Whenever someone writes a comment on your post, be it a query or any other comment, make it a rule to reply appropriately according to the comment. You can reply in a funny way as well. This strategy works very effectively when it comes to building trust and branding. Also, it makes one feel that you are alive. It adds human touch which is very important.
  1. Commenting On Others’ Posts:  Did you know that you can get Instagram followers commenting on others’ posts? Well, here it is. You can post interesting comments on other content creators’ posts. If your comment is interesting enough, other people might visit your account to look at your published content. This is one of the ways you can expect to grow your Instagram account with.
  1. Running Contests: Running a contest on Instagram is another excellent way to increase your fan base or followers. It can be fun and easy to post about irresistible contests or games on Instagram that will help you drive traffic to gain more exposure and followers.
  1. Going Live: Nowadays, live videos are becoming one of the leading marketing strategies to get attention and eventually followers. Live videos can be anything from interviews to a short tutorial or something informative and have a strong reach among Instagram users. You can take advantage of this and start a series of live videos on Instagram once or twice a week to help boost your online presence on Instagram.
  1. Using Location Tags: Adding your location in tags can help you target your local audience and build your online presence on Instagram quickly. Upon doing so, it can be easier for people around you to search for you on Instagram and follow you in no time.
  1. Embedding Instagram posts: If you have a blog or website, you can embed your Instagram posts on your blog so that the website visitors can be redirected to your Instagram account.
  1. Giveaways: If you are totally new to marketing your Instagram account, you can host free giveaways to your followers in the initial stages. This can lead you to get Instagram followers.


As already stated, getting Instagram followers can be pretty challenging, but remember perseverance is the key here. In the beginning, it might seem difficult but implementing the right strategies will surely help you gain Instagram followers in 2021 fast.

You will see visible growth in your Instagram follower base by following the tips discussed above. Stay motivated and work in the right direction; your hard work will surely pay off slowly and steadily.