W88 is the governing online sportsbook and sports bookmaker. The agency is operated by Marquee Holdings Ltd based in Makati, the gambling capital of the Philippines. With the increasing craze of gambling in the markets, the W88 is proving its growth as well. It is one of the top bookmakers that has made a big breakthrough by applying advanced and modern applications thereby giving the users the best of their services. Being licensed to operate by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, the website is proving itself to be the formidable competitors of the top brands and is known from online casinos to lottery betting games like Keno, Ilotto which are making real-time money.

With your shaking belief in the gambling apps, you would be doubting the reputation of the app. Firstly, you should know that they are proud partners with AVFC, the premier league. Here are some of the points which you can consider to evaluate the reputation of the W88 agency:

  • The agency is licensed by the PAGCOR- Owned by the Philippines Government.
  • The agency has been operating for a long time that is more than 5 years from now
  • Has the key point that is being discussed is reputation, no sandal, and of course involves real-time money.
  • Cooperation with the famous football clubs namely Leicester City, FC, and Aston Villa, FC.
  • Emile Heskey- England player and Liverpool club is the brand ambassador of the agency.

With these points, you can rest assured that the agency is the most prestigious one.

Reasons that you might find interesting for betting on the W88 app!

Despite appearing after other bookmakers, it still has managed to maintain the top rankings in the gambling market. The agency’s popularity is so high that while you read this blog, the W88 bookie would attract several gambling lovers.

In addition to the basic odds, the game offers some other attractive odds like a handicap, parley, odd/even, over/under, and many other bets for the players to play. The range of sports is also extremely diverse for maintaining the interests of the participants ranging from virtual football, tennis, horse racing, etc.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned games, the agency has also applied for the online casino game distribution systems like gameplay and Playtech. The diverse online games are Poker; Baccarat; Blackjack; Keno; Sicbo with exciting rewards. If you are an initial player then you should not get your tensions high, you will get a safer chance to try your luck free of cost. Get to know about some of the popular games of the time:

  • POKER: Use a deck of 52 cards and each player will have its own set of cards. The table is set to show the community cards and the win depends on the intention and arrangement of the cards. The attractive gameplay is all set to attract the players.
  • Baccarat: A fighting game because the one with the higher score wins. The rules though complicated are attractive and catchy because of their fairness.
  • Blackjack: The objective of the game is to score high than the house but the score should not exceed 21points. The variations in the card handling techniques have attracted a lot many players.

Another fascinating feature that the W88 agency has is that it offers varied payment methods which are fast and safe. The user support feature helps to send and withdraw money from most top banks. The app is also featured to refund 100% of your money in case of any unreasonable loss like the release of personal information or loss of money during the transaction.

The recharging mode is also very timely and easy. Talking about withdrawing, it also takes 30 mins from the time you entered the withdrawal mode.

Promotion options are also available from 20% to 100% if you are a new user. The highest bonus value can be up to $200. Even the free tournaments also have different real values. And the players who are actively playing on the app have a chance to win the perks of the VIP CLUB card.

W88’s web interface is highly appreciated and ranked by experts. You can give it a name of a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to learn about the website being an initial user. Just enter the website and you will by yourself become familiar with it.

The customer care and the technical staff have maintained services available 24*7. Along with upgrading the security of the website absolutely, they have also taken care of their player’s personal information. The app is available on both Android and IOS devices. Besides, some limitations are always faced by the app for security reasons. So, with all these points, you must have been convinced by the security of the website.