Planning for a trade show requires dedication. In order to effectively prepare, you may need six months or even a year to ensure everything is perfect on the big day.

One of your main concerns should be how you’re going to dominate your competition. There will be dozens if not hundreds of other exhibitors at any trade show event.

How will you stand out from the crowd? How will you entice attendees to visit your booth?

The truth is that the more effort you put into your booth, the bigger your success will be. First and foremost, you will need a creative and innovative display booth design in order to truly stand out from the crowd.

Your booth is the very first thing attendees see of your brand as they peruse the event venue, so it is critical that your brand’s message is communicated clearly through striking visuals.

To acquire a sense of how to do that, follow and read the latest on the Reveal Marketing blog — but first, consider these tips for heightening your brand’s presence through thoughtful and innovative design.

First Impressions Matter

Our first impressions always persist. Within the first few seconds of meeting another person, we are able to gauge positive and negative qualities that will stick with us for a long time, regardless of the interaction that follows.

Studies have shown that first impressions are a great opportunity to give people a reason to trust and value you.

One way to dazzle and instill trust in attendees at the outset is to utilize the power of professional brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are charismatic event management professionals who partner with you to generate sales. They engage with attendees face-to-face in a personable manner and via live product demonstrations.

Human connection matters in marketing. With the right brand ambassadors effectively representing your brand with their friendly personalities and strong sales skills, you will make a positive and lasting first impression.

Engage Your Audience Digitally

Beyond this great first impression, you’ll want to compel attendees to your display booth with engaging digital technology. A great way to engage with your audience is with a virtual trade show booth from GSE AV.

Although it is still important to include traditional signage and posters in your display booth, innovative technology will captivate attendees and give you a strong advantage against your competitors.

Attendees appreciate having control over the experience they receive at events. Through the use of interactive touch screens, where they can read about your product without you breathing down their necks, you let leads qualify themselves and leave them feeling empowered.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are innovative new means of digitally engaging with event attendees while bringing your brand’s message to life. Utilizing VR and AR deeply connects users to your brand, heightening your brand’s presence at any event, and putting you ahead of your competitors.

Before your next trade show or industry event, consider the above tips to creatively enhance your display booth and to maximize your brand’s potential.