Introduction to MertroPCS

MetroPCS is an American prepaid wireless carrier. It was founded in 1994 in Texas by Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang. Initially, the company was named General Wireless, Inc. In 2002, the company’s first-ever Personal Communications Service (PCS) was launched. By 2005, the MetroPCS company was operating in specific locations within the United States of America and consisted of approximately 1.5 million subscribers.

In 2007, MetroPCS went public, and in 2012, it announced its merger with T-Mobile USA. By this time, the company had renamed itself from General Wireless to MetroPCS or simply Metro. The merger of two companies resulted in a total of 41 million subscribers, and this marked the beginning of a new era for both stakeholders. In the same year, MetroPCS announced the offering of unlimited data plans, and by doing so, it became one of the earliest companies to announce this offer.

In 2018, MetroPCS was rebranded and renamed again with a new name. This time it was called Metro By T-Mobile. With the rebranding came new offers and subscription features added to the wireless carriers’ packages. From Amazon Prime subscriptions to Google One storage options, a plethora of features were introduced, which resulted in a soaring increase in the number of subscribers, reaching 93 million joint subscribers in the same year. In 2019, MetroPCS plans to offer 5G services to its existing subscribers throughout the nation.

MetroPCS offers a range of smartphones and data plans. These include 31 categories of smartphones paired with four basic data plans.

MetroPCS Monthly Plans

There are four basic monthly plans offered by MetroPCS. Each one of them offers exclusive features. These include the $40 monthly plan, the $50 monthly plan, the $60 monthly plan, and the $30 monthly plan.

The $40 Monthly Plan

The first plan is worth $40. It includes access to 10GB wireless data and offers high speed on the T-mobile network. Other features include access to unlimited music. Users of this plan may stream music from a total of 40+ music apps without their data being consumed. However, this package does not include Hotspot and offers a discount of $10 on each new line the customer decides to purchase.

Customers have the option of purchasing a minimum of 2 phone lines and a maximum of 5 phone lines. Their rates vary accordingly. When customers purchase two lines, they are required to pay a fee of $70. When they choose to purchase three lines, the amount charged becomes $100. Similarly, the charges of 4 lines add up to be $130, and 5 lines add up to be $160.

The $50 Monthly Plan

The $50 monthly plan offers high speed and unlimited access to mobile data on the T-mobile network. The package includes Hotspot data measuring up to 5GB and Google One storage up to 100GB of data. Customers who decide to purchase this monthly plan save $20 on each new line they purchase. This plan, just like the previous one, offers a range of 2 to 5 lines.

If the customers choose to buy two lines, the amount they pay equals $80. However, if they wish to purchase the monthly plan with 3, 4, and 5 lines, then they will be required to pay $110, $140, and $170, respectively.

The $60 Monthly Plan

Just like the $50 plan, the $60 plan also offers high speed and unlimited data access on the T-mobile network. The difference lies in the features they offer. The $60 plan includes 15GB of Hotspot data, 100GB of Google One data storage, and access to Amazon Prime subscriptions too.

Users who buy lines in this plan are then again presented with choices. They may select from a two lines monthly package up to a five lines monthly package — the cost of each being different from the other. A 2 line package in this monthly plan requires a payment of $80, which is a discounted amount. The original amount to be paid on this 2 line package equals $90. Customers are awarded a $10 discount on their decision to switch from other monthly plans.

A 3 line package is worth $120 with no discount available. However, a 4 line and a 5 line package offer discounts too. If a user decides to buy a 4 line package, the amount they are charged is $120, which is the same as a 3 line package. Since this amount has been discounted, the original amount customers had to pay on this package needs to be reported, too, and it would have been $150. In the same way, the 5 line package costs $150, which has been discounted from the original $180.

Both of the last two packages offer a $30 discount, which makes them quite a lucrative deal for subscribers.

Other Monthly Plans ( The $30 Monthly Plan)

The $30 monthly plan falls into the category of other monthly plans by the MetroPCS because this plan is not really highlighted alongside those mentioned above 3. it is separately mentioned on the website beneath the 3 major plans.

The $30 monthly plan offers access to 2GB high-speed data on the T-mobile network per line purchased. However, the downsides of purchasing this monthly plan include congestion in internet traffic, and the connection speed is slowed down. Additionally, customers using this plan would be able to stream videos up to 480p only. These aspects have been acknowledged by the wireless carrier itself on its website. Thus making it the least marketed plan.

The decision to choose among these four plans rests with the MetroPCS subscribers only. With each upgraded subscription come added features and high-speed internet.

Regardless of the monthly plan they choose, paying their bills in time is an ethical responsibility of the subscribers. There are a variety of MetroPCS bill payment options that have been covered below.

MetroPCS Bill Pay Options

MetroPCS believes in facilitating its customers at all levels, even when it comes down to billing them. It has a variety of bill payment options. Each of them has been discussed below:

1. Via Web (MyAccount, MetroPCS App, Content to Pay, AutoPay, Express Pay, e-wallet)

The first method to pay MetroPCS’s Bill is via the web. Customers may choose from a number of options. For example, they may decide to make payment online on the company’s web portal. All that they need to do is simply visit: and log in to the account of their choice. There are two kinds of accounts presented on this page; a guest account and a My Account option.

Whether they wish to pay as a guest, one time only, or make an account with the company as a returning customer and become a lifelong beneficiary of all the services offered via this portal is the customer’s choice. However, if they decide to make an account with the company, they need to follow certain steps. First of all, customers need to enter their 8-digit PIN number. After that. they will be required to answer their security questions. Both of these security features are used to verify the customer’s identity and prevent them from scams.

Once the account is set up and users attempt their very first log in, they are sent a 6 digit temporary code as an extra layer of security. After the code has been entered, customers can gain access to their MyAccount details. The account which the users have setup with the company is called MyAccount. Some of the benefits of making payment via MyAccount include AutoPay options, updating payment information, and updating account holder’s information. Payments via MyAccount use a debit, credit, or a MetroPCS payment card. Alternatively, the benefits of making payments as a guest include paying no extra fees, which is charged to MyAccount holders.

Other methods include paying bills from within the mobile app. MetroPCS has mobile apps for both Apple and Android users. They may download it from their respective online stores. The app is called myMetro by T-Mobile. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded easily via the internet connection.

One of the best features offered by MetroPCS App is that it lets customers pay their bills in advance and makes the process fast and convenient for them through its Autoupdation features. The only drawback of using this method is that it functions well with specified operating systems. Thus, users may be required to update their versions of mobile software to make sure that this app does not crash or gives errors while running.

The third option in our web payment methods is called the content to pay option. It allows MetroPCS customers to pay their bills online. All they need to do is add a few details to their eWallet accounts and then respond to the content generated from PayNow. They may respond to this content by entering the number 729669. As soon as they enter this number, the payment transaction will commence.

After content to pay comes the AutoPay payment option. Autopay allows the MetroPCS company to directly charge your account with the bill payment for on-demand charges. On-demand charges refer to monthly service fees, any other outstanding dues, and subscription fees, etc. The payment is done by making an automatic debit to the user’s debit or credit card or a checking account. It is created in the user’s eWallet account and is managed through MyAccount. This option is free of charge and requires a minimum of 2 hours to process the payment.

Express Pay payment option allows MetroPCS customers to make one-time bill payments via their debit, credit, or MetroPCS cards. This method does not require users to sign in to their MyAccount and is free of charge. Users may simply visit the company’s website and click on the ‘Manage and Pay’ option. From here, they may select the express mode and pay their bills online.

eWallet is an online payment service which can only be availed by MetroPCS customers who are legal residents of the United States of America and are 18 years of age or older. The e-wallet service allows a limited number of payments to be executed over a certain period of time and in some cases, may also restrict the amount of money used by its holders.

2. Via Telephone (Text to Pay, Over the phone, Customer Service)

MetroPCS users can choose to pay their bills via telephone services, as well. This method includes text to pay over the phone call and customer service options.

The Text to pay option enables customers who already have an online default funding account with the company to make a one-time payment. This payment is done when the customers authorize the company via mobile text to charge their default funding accounts for the deduction of their bills. The transaction is initiated by the company when it sends a free of cost text message to the customers informing them about their outstanding dues. If the customers choose to reply to the text via mobile about Payment instructions in an approved format, the service assumes it has been authorized by the customer to charge their account.

Over the phone service simply requires customers to dial *99 from their phones and charges them a $2 fee for rendering wireless services. The customers are then aided by the representatives on how to make their payments via phone call. The benefit of using this payment method is that bills are paid immediately without any delay or processing time required.

The third option available to customers under this method is that of contacting customer service. The customer service can be called at phone number 1-888-8metro8. This call charges the users an amount of $3, and the bill payment is sought to immediately. Another lesser-known telephone method is called My Metro; though this service is free of charge, it takes approximately 2 hours to complete the bill payment transaction.

3. Via Email

Customers can pay MetroPCS’s outstanding bills via email. They may email the Payment Service’s authorities and authorize them to pay bills on their behalf using this platform.

4. Via Mail

MetroPCS customers can pay their bills via mail, as well. All they need to do is simply write their service account number on the check and mail it to the following address:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. P.O. Box 5119 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

This method of paying the MetroPCS bills does not incur any cost and takes 7-10 business days to initiate and process the transaction. The term business days refers to weekdays, Monday through Friday, except for any public holiday which falls on these working days.

5. At Selected Approved Installment Centers (Installment machines, Over the Counter)

Other methods of making MetroPCS bill payments include paying bills via approved installment centers. This method consists of two options. Customers can either choose to pay their MetroPCS bill via installment machines or pay them over the counter at approved installment centers.

If the customer chooses to pay their bill via installment machines, they need to pay a fee of $2. Customers simply need to enter their telephone number and the 8-digit PIN to access an installment machine’s bill receiving services. However, not all machines may be accepting MetroPCS bills. Customers need to find out by themselves which payment machines have been installed by authorized dealers.

Alternatively, they can make payments via installment machines which are accessible at MetroPCS convenience stores. Additionally, customers can make payments via check, card, or simply through cash via these machines. The benefit of using payment machines is that they are accessible 24 hours and process the bill payment transaction within 2 hours.

The other method which falls under this head is over the counter payments. In order to pay their bills over the counter, MetroPCS customers need to pay a $3 convenience fee. This method requires customers to visit an approved and authorized dealer and make their payments either via card or cash and get it registered in the installment center’s records. Over the counter, bill payment methods, just like the installment machines take approximately 2 hours to complete the transaction.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, customers may also pay their MetroPCS bills via drop boxes at MetroPCS stores. This method takes 48 hours to complete the payment process and is free of charge. Other than these, all authorized payment locations accepting MetroPCS bills take a minimum of 2 hours of processing the transaction though their charges may vary accordingly.

MetroPCS has done a remarkable job when it comes down to making payments easier for its users. The users are given a number of different options to choose from. Ideally, customers must choose a payment option that best suits their schedule and makes their lives easy.

When it comes down to call quality, data speeds, customer service, products offered, and the features enabled, no other wireless carrier can match the quality of MetroPCS’s services.


1. Why must I choose MetroPCS’s services over other prepaid carriers?

MetroPCS’s services are by far the best and persistent in terms of network quality, pricing, billing options, and bill payment methods. Additionally, it offers attractive monthly plans and a high speed of internet access to unlimited data. This year the company aims to launch the 5G network. This gives it an edge over all other prepaid wireless carriers, and thus you must choose it over other carriers without hesitation.

2. What happens in case my account does not have sufficient balance to complete the payment?

In an event where the customer’s funding account (which can be their debit card, credit card, MetroPCS payment card, or their MyAccount) runs out of enough cash to cover their payment, the payment remains outstanding. The management will try its best to access all the customer’s accounts registered with the My Account portal or eWallet. However, if the payment still remains short of amount, the customer is responsible for making up for it in time.

3. Can I cancel my payment requests once initiated?

No, MetroPCS customers cannot cancel their payment requests once the process has been initiated.

4. What if the service makes wrong amount of payment from my account? Will I be compensated?

In such a case, where the fault lies with the Payment Service, and it makes a faulty amount debited from your account. The MetroPCS company will compensate for the exact same amount.

5. What is the difference between the Default funding account and My Account?

The default funding account is a primary funding mechanism that may use various sources to fund the payments on your behalf, such as your debit card, credit card, MetroPCS payment card, etc. My Account, on the other hand, is your online account with the company, which consists of payment history, billing information, some amount of funds to cover up the payments, and all the information about your credit instruments.

6. Who can avail of the services of the MetroPCS payment platform?

All legal residents of the UnitedStates of America who are 18 years of age or older or of majority age in their respective states of residence qualify for using the MetroPCS payment options.

7. In case of any loss or error will MetroPCS bear any liability?

No, in case of any loss or errors or delays on the customer’s part, MetroPCS shall not bear any liability.

8. I do not wish to make a payment over STAR, Pulse, NYCE, or ACCEL networks. I wish to pay via my card’s primary network. What must I do?

In case if you wish to make bill payment via your card’s primary networks, which includes Visa and Master card, then you must select them as your payment option before initiating the transaction. Once the transaction has been commenced, it cannot be reversed or canceled in any case.

9. What does it mean to ‘authorize the Service’ to make payments?

The Term ‘Service’ refers to the payment service you are availing at the MetroPCS portals, and by authorizing it, it means that you give them access to your debit card information, you checking or saving accounts information and credit card’s information.

10. How many location payment methods are there?

There are 4 location payment methods these include Over the counter, Payment machines, Dropboxes and authorized locations

11. What is the maximum amount of time a transaction can take?

The maximum amount of time a payment transaction can take is 7-10 business days, where the customer decides to pay via the mailing method.