Buying a motorcycle with history can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time buyer who has a series of questions running through your mind. What motorcycle model and brand should I buy? What do I need to know before getting a motorcycle? Would I get a good bike? Where do I look to buy a good bike for a fair price? These are questions that went through my mind also, and I went on researching and finding answers to these questions.

You might be surprised, but if you look in the right place, you can also find a good motorcycle on the internet. I found my Kawasaki on the Zecycles. And you can too. Now I own a motorcycle that serves me just well and am loving it.

There are many options for purchasing a motorcycle with history, and it comes down to knowing what’s best for you as a rider or potential rider to get the best of motorcycles. I didn’t know much beforehand, but thanks to zecycle, a website I found while researching that gave me the right answers to questions I had.

Now I’ve put together this article to help you with details on what to look out for while looking for a motorcycle with history.

What are the things to do before purchasing a motorcycle with history?

Bury yourself into in-depth research

Knowing everything you can about the bike you want to purchase is essential and helps you get the most of your purchase. With a thorough knowledge of features and specifications, physical design, and accessories offered by the product, you can easily spot anything amiss when you see the bike.

Therefore, before checking the bike physically, you should conduct extensive research on the bike and read reviews on the bike model and brands. The result of your study would direct the line of questions you would like to ask on your favorite automobile blog.

Contact the seller

I put a few things at the back of my mind that guides my discussion with the seller when I decided to look at the motorcycle in person.

I get very friendly and chatty with the seller; this way, the seller opened up to me, and I learned more about the person the seller is and how he maintains his bikes.

Test and inspect the bike

When you find the motorcycle that you love to buy, it’s always essential to make sure what you are buying is in good condition. Visually inspect the bike and test it. When going to check out the bike, I ask that the motorcycle be run for a couple of hours to start it from cold and see what state the cycle is.

Request proper Documents

One of the essential documents you must insist on before agreeing to buy is the title; this is a requirement for registering and insuring your new bike. You’ll also want to check the service history of the cycle. A motorcycle with extensive documentation of service and repairs would appear to be a quality bike. A VIN (vehicle identification number) check is advisable to give you more information regarding the motorcycle you want to buy.

What are the things to look out for before buying a motorcycle with history?

There are a couple of things to look out for before purchasing a motorcycle with a history that would help you get the best one that would serve you well.

Overall appearance

The overall appearance is the general physical condition and outward look of the bike. Carefully inspect the bike to see if it’s just been quickly cleaned or adequately maintained overtime. One thing to know about an old bike’s physical appearance is that you should try to avoid a bike with dents as much as possible.


While the bike is still cold, inspect the exhaust and check that it is solidly mounted and check for dents to cause performance issues. To get a good feel of the exhaust, I’d lay on my back and inspect its underneath. Don’t hesitate to get yourself stained if it means getting a bike in the right working condition

Clutch and Brakes

The brake and clutch should be smooth when applied. Though a little slack in the clutch is usual and can be adjusted, it should release smoothly after being pulled. You shouldn’t feel any snags.

Taking the bike out of gear, rolling it forward, and then gently applying the brake should give you a feel of the break. The break level should slow into a stop with no noise from the brakes and should return into position smoothly.

Tires & Wheels

The tires should be checked for wear, though smooth and even wears should be expected. But severe wear is a cause for alarm as it indicates the bike has been on long-distance trips or used to perform ‘burnouts’ that cause extreme abuse on the engine. You should check the wheels for dents or bends.

Also, check the fuel tank, look inside with a flashlight for rust and grits. Then, the oil, coolant, and the electrical parts of the bike like the headlights, horn, blinkers, hazard light, and others.

Getting a motorcycle with history.

The internet has become a big help in this modern age to bridge the gap between someone looking to sell bikes and someone looking to buy. Nowadays, you can find a motorcycle on the internet and buy without leaving the comfort of your room if you know where to search.

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Before making my purchase, I read through the checklist specification offered by the motorcycle as enlisted in the catalog. When a couple of items on this checklist isn’t okay, I move on and find another bike. But with zecycles, I have no worry ticking the things on my index and purchasing my desired motorcycle. Check out the zecycles store today for fantastic deals on motorcycles with history.