In the world of casinos, online casinos, betting, gambling, and the lavish life that comes with that. It can often be hard to make a name for yourself. In the bustling strip of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Native American Casinos scattered across America or the various other havens for the gamblers across the world. You can find that having your voice be heard requires standing out from the crowd.

Well, we have been able to sit down with someone who has taken the gambling world by storm. Setting up his own personal empire of businesses and projects. These include large brands like Zamsino who are grown a lot in Canada currently, Gambla and Kiwislots. These websites are all fantastic affiliate gambling websites and have made Erik one of the most successful entrepreneurs within the niche. So we thought that it would be great to get to know the man behind the magic. So here’s our interview with Erik king continued.

Interview Continued..

Interviewer – So I want to focus now on your projects at the moment. Those such as Zamsino, Kiwislots, or Gambla. Can we just begin with how you made this happen?

Erik: Sure, so I had been in sunny Malta for quite a while by then. I had been surrounding myself with the biggest names in the business. Trying to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as I possibly could. I had managed to get myself an operating position at Instacasino. This is where I learned a lot about the tricks of the trade.

I gathered a great deal of knowledge about the gambling world. Then thought that I was a little hasty giving up on being an affiliate. I decided to give it another go and with the new skills and knowledge I had gathered, I managed to turn a number of these projects into cash cows. It wasn’t overnight though, it took a great deal of work but I am really proud of what we have accomplished with each of these sites.

Interviewer: And so you should be. What do you think was the key thing that changed, causing this breakthrough?

Erik: I think it was my knowledge of both sides of the industry. Not only was I am an experienced affiliate with skills in writing and website design. I was also able to understand the casino operations side which for those that haven’t got any experience and limited understanding in that field, was invaluable and that worked in my favor.

Interviewer: I’m sure. Then you managed to not only create one but three very successful gambling guide sites. So in regards to all of these sites, what do you think was the best thing that you’ve done for any of these sites. Creatively or administratively or anything you like?

Erik: That’s a hard one for sure. I think it would have to be our move to allow users to form the guides rather than ourselves. Not only did this give a more comprehensive and varied set of viewpoints for our guides. It also freed up more resources so that we could focus on other areas of the site and improve in other areas faster.

It often seems like a lazy way of operating. Though in reality, the website users don’t care about one person’s opinion. They come for a wide range of opinions and experiences to peruse. So we would rather offer our site as a resource for casino users to form their own guides. It’s been a popular shift in approach and I think we did the right thing.

Interviewer: It’s an interesting way to operate and it seems to be working for you. So I recently came across an article you wrote on the dangers of gambling. What do you feel is the one thing that gamblers should be wary of so they have the best experience possible?

Erik: Well, firstly I want to say that despite the pitfalls that can come with online gambling. It is so much safer than it used to be and has more to offer to players than ever. Though one thing I would warn players about using credit cards when gambling. This is something that over 800,000 players use this payment method and due to the massive interest payments that can happen. It can be such a dangerous thing to do.

I’m a massive advocate for responsible gambling and helping those who love casinos enjoy their time playing without any danger to their mental health or wellbeing. So if there is any doubt in your mind that you are having fun when playing. I suggest stopping until a time where it is safe to continue again.

Interviewer – Then lastly Erik, is there anything you want to say to our readers so they can follow in your footsteps and chase success. Perhaps some words to live by?

Erik: Well my motto has always been ‘quality over quantity’. If I had continued in my first affiliate position, trying to get as many odd jobs as I could without trying to build something great. Well, I would have made a living for sure. Though, through seeking more knowledge, growing within the business, and making myself desirable to all within the casino business. I was able to turn a high volume of jobs into a handful of brilliant projects. So if there were any words that I live by, it would be those for sure.

So that was our interview with Casino whizz, Erik King. Have you used any of his fantastic sites before? Were you inspired by his path to success? Do you believe you have what it takes to chase success in the business? Let us know in the comments and thank you for reading.