Whether you are the owner of your own home or if you are the landlord of another residential property and you are suffering from having mice in your basement, you call in one of the best pest control companies in Phoenix, AZ services about treating the mice to rid them entirely.

When you want to find out more about getting rid of mice from your basement, you can do your own research in addition to also getting the help of a professional pest control company or a professional service that you have available to you locally.

Looking into ways to rid mice from any area of your home, including your basement, is possible by first preparing ahead of time and determining all of the factors of the situation you are dealing with.

When you believe you have an invasion of mice in your basement and you are looking to get rid of them, there are a few details to factor in before you start finding solutions and implementing them.

First, it is vital to determine the size of your basement and also any possible windows or holes in the basement where the mice may have potentially found their way in through.

You should also determine the budget you have available to spend on pest control and at home supplies to help you with treating and ridding the mice from your basement for good.

The thought of mice hiding your walls induces bubonic plague inspired fear in most homeowners, thankfully there are more options for mice control than poisoning your living area with a mélange of dangerous chemicals.

With the EPA removing a number of rat and mouse poisons this year from the shelves, a lot of Americans understand how toxic these chemicals are to our local environment- kids, pets, and predators of mice alike.

If you are worried about a mouse problem in your living space- fret not; there are a plethora of non-toxic methods for mice control with things you may have in your home right now.

We may assume felines to be the standard mouse predator for your home protection, but in actuality, dogs are a bit more skilled in their abilities to get rid of mice.

With their own predatory instincts, house cats prefer to swat at and play with the unfortunate mouse, to a dog’s drive to pounce and destroy in a pack-leader sign of dominance.

Many breeds, like the terrier family, were bred for their capacity to go into holes after rodents.

Perhaps domestic pets are not in your interest, for sensitivity to dander or landlord constraints; perhaps you should consider installing an owl box on your property.

Falcons, hawks, and owls are considered the best hunters of mice, and the rodents can smell their presence and avoid the areas these birds inhabit. Mice are most active at night, right when owls are hunting for their meals.

People postulate that a barn owl eats about one thousand mice per year. Unfortunately, you may not live near an owl’s natural habitat, or it may not be an appropriate season for owls to make their nests when you are in need of their mice control skills.

Most kitchens are armed with some brand of soda, which is useable for mice control. The mice are quite attracted to these sugary drinks and are bound to commandeer some sips from an open pop.

Mice are unable to expel the gases carbonated drinks induce, and indigestion produced explodes in the mouse’s stomach. One of the downfalls of this is that their death is not immediate, possibly allowing the mice to disappear back into their litter in your home and die in your home, leaving ridiculously disgusting odor for months.

For a more immediate result, you can mix plaster of Paris with a substance that would attract mice- preferably with one which prompts immediate thirst. Peanut Butter is ideal for this option, and mice leave the safety of their nest to visit a hydration source.

Once the water is mixed, the plaster turns to rock in their intestines- providing a cement blockade in their bodies and death on the spot.

While these last two options are somewhat brutal, they work. If the thought is too unpleasant, calling upon mice control professionals is always an option, and their chemicals are now mandated to be safer for interaction in your home.

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