Prodigy Math Game


Prodigy Math is a controversial math tutor app that combines a Pokémon style approach to teach ing mathematics to youngsters.

This Canadian based company started out in 2011 by founders Alex Peters, Rohan Mahimker who were students in the University of Waterloo and took part in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ program, and won.

The game is downloaded free and is synced with the current curriculum of grade 1 to 8 students, as of the date of this review, over 20 million students and teachers have used the game.

After winning the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ program, co-founder Mahimker stated “Prodigy Game was developed as an interactive learning tool to relieve math anxiety and help increase math scores across Canada. We’re honored and excited that our innovative approach to math education was recognized by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ program.”

Pokémon-style math game for Grades 1-8 that are already being enjoyed by over 30 million students worldwide.

The Game

The game is set in a virtual world, where your child must adhere to certain actions and perform certain mathematical tasks to win. I will go into this in more detail later. The game can be downloaded for free, but the premium version costs $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year. The premium version unlocks key features that the free version does not provide, and this makes the free version unplayable and frustrating.

There are two approaches to playing, and these include a teachers account, where the teacher chooses a specific curriculum, and then students log in to choose their own Avatar, create a player profile and go through a concise but quick tutorial. The tutorial performs a diagnostic that sets the level of the quizzes per student’s performance.


You are immersed in a virtual scape with quests that lead to treasures, you can form friendships and have enemies, and you get to do a lot of battling. While battling, the contestant must answer a mathematical quiz successfully which will enable the use of a magical spell. The avatars gain coins, grow in power and can upgrade by using the coins to buy equipment, weapons, and decorations for the home.

The virtual scape is populated by both virtual animals and avatars of other players. This game, when connected to the internet, will enable players to rank up against and play against other users from around the world. Another feature is the chat and share models that enable players to chat while playing and also share objects and treasures.

Statistics and Analysis

This is not a standard game; it is used to help teachers follow the level of the player’s mathematical skills. Therefore, teachers have a dashboard that can show their students statistics as well as snapshots to monitor the players progress. The game also provides some Pareto charts that show the top ten players in the class and also of the player when they play at home.

Teachers that want more analysis of the details per student can review the complete list of questions and answers per subject matter. Teachers can use this report to create specifically targeted quizzes per student, which can target the harder subjects, relieving the student of answering easy or proficient subjects.

The Backroom (Teachers & Parents)

The game claims to provide 1,200 crucial math skills for grades 1 to 8. These mathematical quizzes are categorized and given different levels of hardness.

There is much more behind the scenes than just a game playing app. There are configurable assignments, plans, and test preps that teachers can create behind the scenes per student or class.

The backroom for teachers is an entire dashboard and platform for creating classes, managing classes, and accounts and managing the content and following the progress of individuals and whole classes.

The backroom for parents gives a parent similar controls as a teacher, but for their children rather than a class. Parents can not manage classes or create assigned, turns, tets preps or plans, but they can get the same reports and analytics that teacher accounts can access.

Teacher Specifics

Assignments are configurable per date, and you get access to a backroom calendar where you can prep the assignment or assignments, and show up in date sequence. You can set multiple skill questions, but are limited to only 50 questions. You can remove hints, to make the assignment a test, and you get full access to individual reports per player.

Plans are single topic plans made at one time and cannot overlap. These plans also include access to detailed reporting and are class-wide, so they are not individually focused. There are hints, so this is a teaching platform and not a testing one.

Standardized Test Prep is a single test given at one time, and you cannot create overlapping tests. This is also a class-wide activity and is created using all the skills available. You cannot change this; it is designed to meet the grade and curriculum you teach in. Since it is a test, you do not get hints.

The Game in more Details

Here are some of the features that your children will encounter when playing this game.


Potions are spells that you can only buy with the premium mode, and they give you an advantage in every battle. These items can be bought using your coins when visiting the Scientist Slimerella in Lamplight Town.  Once you buy a potion, it will be in your backpack.

Players can use as many potions as they want in a battle; each potion use will require answering a mathematical question. The potions power lasts the entire battle.


There are many potions (magic spells) that you can use, and you need to answer a mathematical quiz first before the spell can be deployed. The potions that make a spell include:

  • Fire Resist/ Strong Fire Resist: This potion protects you against fire attacks in monster battles.
  • Water Resist/Strong Water Resist: This potion protects you against water attacks in monster battles.
  • Earth Resist/Strong Earth resist: This potion protects you against water attacks in monster battles.
  • Ice Resist/Strong Ice resist: This potion protects you against ice attacks in monster battles.
  • Storm Resist/Strong Storm Resist: This potion protects you against storm attacks in monster battles.
  • Strong damage: This potion increases your attack damage against monsters.
  • Greater Attack: This potion increases the chance of a critical hit in a monster battle.
  • Always Critical: This potion makes every attack hit critical in monster battles.
  • Resist All: This potion protects you against all attacks in monster battles.

Epic Attack

Epic Attacks are a once-per-battle attack you make against a monster only, you cannot use this attack mode against other players and is only used in a normal or challenge battle in the PvP arena.

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Twilight Wheel

This is a special feature that gives members two spins and non-premium members only one spin. The Twilight wheel only works between 4 pm to 11 pm, and it gives the user access to special items and other prizes.

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The Players Home

This game is about mathematics, but it is also about children and their need to be creative and also to give them some bragging bonuses. The idea of creating a home is conceptualized in the game by locating your home and then by decorating it.

Start by opening the game map then select your house icon.

You can design your home any time you like, just click on the edit icon:




Every item comes in a category, and you can select these items from the Design-a-house menu. Items are dragged and dropped into place.

If you want to remove an item, you drag it off the house plan and onto the lower item board.

Bragging rights come with the “visit enable/disable” button that can be used to invite other players to view your home.

Once enabled, other players can come into your home and view it, you can see other visitors in the home when they visit.

Purchasing New Houses

You can always upgrade a house, and this is done in the house shop, where you can choose to buy a new house if you have enough saved up cash.


After visiting a house, you can either continue looking or buy it.

Houses are bragging items and part of the community and social environment.

The Dark Tower

This is for premium members only, and you get over 100 stories and multiple challenges and battles in this amazing fortress. You gain access by pressing the map icon and choosing the dark tower:

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In the tower, you will find a chance wheel.

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This wheel will give you an extra life, or other bonuses. The dark tower is a great time to enjoy a lot of quizzes and pick up coins.

Epics Arena

The Epics arena is a fun place to get more goodies while performing challenges. This is only reachable if you have Prodigy Epics.

You get to an arena by choosing one of the 5 Epic icons.

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Every pet has a specific icon and Epic.

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 Diveodile’s Swimming Hole

Every arena will provide you with constant battles and the more you win, the better chance you have to gain a rare and unique epic based item.


You also get the chance to win a battle bonus.

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My Review

Let’s separate the professionalism from the game.

Professionally speaking, this is a well thought out platform that provides both teachers and students a fun and expert mat