There is only one kind of chat site on the internet, but for some reason, marketing gurus have managed to create the illusion called a random chat site. What a random chat site does, that a standard chat site doesn’t do, is pick two individuals “randomly” using specific keywords that creates an association between each individual like.

So, what we have a standard platform for chatting, or video chatting, using standard technology, nothing special, but instead of linking to a social media site such as Facebook with Messenger, or LinkedIn, you connect to a “random” chat site and start building up friends along the way.

Now, you ask me, in that case, how can you state that there is only one kind of chat site?

The answer is common sense; even Facebook and Linkedin are sites that connect you to total strangers. Instead of generating a random connection, the social networking sites let you see and choose which strangers you want to connect with. So, the only difference in the randomality is choice, in a standard chat site you get freedom of search and choice, in a random chat site you don’t.

The Omegle File

It all started one sunny day, or rainy night, or foggy noon when Omegle came online with the first “random” choice chat site. Suddenly, as with any great marketing idea, the internet filled with random chat site copies of Omegle, all competing with each other. Some are focused on total randomality, with only keywords connecting strangers, the others are focused on specific environments such as dating or sex.

All the chat sites operate in similar if not identical methods. You can either chat anonymously, or you can log in and pay for a better-controlled environment with stronger filter controls too. So much control that randomality becomes an afterthought.

Random Chat Site Table

There are many random chat sites online, here is a table a sample of some sites, it is not sorted in any specific order, and you get the name, the languages they provide and the date they were first online.

ChatrandomMultipleJan 18, 2010
OmegleEnglishJuly 26, 2008
Camsurf App (Android)EnglishMarch 16, 2016
Fruzo App (Apple)EnglishAugust 5, 2016
CamsurfEnglishJan 2, 2015
ShagleEnglishMar 25, 2010
InstaChatRoomsEnglishOct 20, 2013
FruzoEnglishApril 19, 2012
Tiny ChatEnglishMar 04, 2000
EvecamEnglishApr 26, 2016
ChatspinEnglishFeb 20, 2014
ChatkiEnglishFeb 18, 2012
aFreeChatEnglishJul 13, 2012
Chat RadEnglishJun 10, 2013

The Omegle Alternative

Random chat sites are popping up every day. However, they are becoming more focused on the security issue, and now many include captcha security and other methods to prevent scamming.

Random Chat Dangers

Consider the issues of random chat with strangers in accepted sites, and multiply that with the danger of chatting with complete nutter on a random chat site. You have to ask yourself why do you want a random chat site and what are you seeking?

Remember that the only real way to be secure is not to use the site, however, if danger is your second natures, then remember to work safely. Follow these 10 commandments

  1. Never give out personal details (or of your friends an family too)
  2. Never give out your real name
  3. Never video cam with information easily read behind you or in view of the cam
  4. Never show personal documents on cam
  5. Never reveal which city you live in
  6. Never divulge school or work-related information.
  7. If you are under 18 years old, always notify a parent that you are using a site
  8. If a stranger starts getting inquisitive or abusive, record the information and close the connection, also notify an adult or the local law enforcement
  9. If you are over 18 never talk to anyone under 18
  10. Never take naked photos or video in the nude (even for sex cams)

10 Random Chat Sites Review

Now that you have the 10 commandments place let’s look at 10 random sites.


This is a moderated site, so no sexually explicit misconduct is found here. The extras that this site offers is access to multiplayer games online when strangers get bored.

Chat Random

Chatrandom is another Omegle style site that offers video cam chat as well as text chat. The filtering is fine, and it’s a non-changing environment, quite stable.

Chat Roulette

This is a leading video cam chat site that does not condone sex chat; it has interesting filtering features. It is a random stranger chat site that operates like Omegle but continues to update its performance with new rules and regulations.


This is a 24/7 moderated site that will eradicate any signs of sexually explicit content. It is designed to be a safe chat site for children as well as for adults not seeking naked weirdos showing off their body parts to total strangers online.


This is a dating site with a twist, it connects strangers rate each other and promotes costumes and other fun stuff. You could say that this is the SnapChat of the random chat scene.

Face Flow

This is a Skype-like service that lets you set up a searchable profile and give you access to 3 people chat at any time. You can input your favorite YouTube videos and photos for sharing too.

To make this a more attractive service that goes beyond the standard chat scene, there is a bespoke game called Flappy. So you get three in one here, a stranger chat, a videocam 3 group chat and a game too.

Hey People

This is an add free video service site that lets you choose between five categories; Nothing Special, Dating, Small Talk, Freak Show, or Adult Stuff. You connect with a stranger and can either friend them or block them. If you friend them, they will be reachable for future chats.


This is an Omegle hybrid that comes with an additional dating and friend finder social network platform. This site is growing in popularity.


Tinychat is full of a focused chat room that you can join and if you don’t find one you like, create one. This is a group chat mecca where friends can come and chat in a 12-participant room.


This is text only messenger service that lets you set up a profile and then connects strangers randomly to your messenger. It does offer a searchable profile system, so you can find strangers based on what they put in their profiles.