There are many people that suffer from human growth hormone deficiency. Once this is detected, GPs usually prescribe HGH supplements. This is done usually in the form of oral medication, injections, or natural supplements. It may be mentioned here that our body produces this hormone, but with age, it diminishes. This causes several physiological problems inside the body. As a result, symptoms appear, which may be in the form of fatigue, anxiety, depression, loss of interest in usual activities, and so on.

The human growth hormone is responsible for a number of procedures that take place in the body that includes (just to name a few):

  • Heart function
  • Regulation of body fluids
  • Metabolism of fat and sugar
  • Growth of bones and muscles
  • Regulating body composition

When produced in a synthetic manner, HGH therapy for men is only one of a number of drugs that are prescribed by GPs.

HGH and the FDA

The FDA approved the use of HGH way back in the year 1985 when it was developed artificially. As such, its use is prevalent both among adults as well as children. However, when it comes to HGH injections, the FDA has selectively allowed its usage in children and is used for treating chronic kidney ailments, inadequate HGH, children born less than their expected gestational age, Turner’s syndrome, and Prader Willi syndrome. When it comes to adult, the FDA has allowed its usage for inadequate HGH production, AIDS/HIV, treatment of tumors in the pituitary.

Aside from the above, the FDA seldom approves of its usage for treating other disorders and ailments. However, if you want HGH treatment from medical practitioners that is FDA approved, you should visit a legal clinic. By doing so, you know that you will not be hoodwinked or given wrong recommendations for HGH treatment just for the sake of extracting your hard earned money. Another benefit of getting FDA approved treatment from a reliable center is that you will be treated as per standards set by the FDA.

Other uses of human growth hormone

There are many “cases of abuse” of HGH. For instance, the athletes use this hormone in the form of injections or sprays so that their performance is enhanced. These are usually taken along with steroids that aid in muscle development and performance improvement. However, the effect of these supplements on sportsperson is not uncommon.

As mentioned above that as you get older, the production of the hormone in the body decreases. Also, there are few experts that claim this hormone to have anti-aging effects on the human body. As such, this hormone is used in several anti-aging products in the form of creams. Most importantly, the use of hormone supplements as an anti-aging agent has not been approved by the FDA.

Adverse effects of human growth hormone (HGH)

Just as inadequate levels of this hormone cause adverse effects, if it is present in excess, consequences can be fatal too. You might suffer from pain in the joints, muscles, and nerves, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, edema in which there is an accumulation of fluid in the body, tingling sensation in the skin, and impaired lipid profile.