MeetMe is an online dating site that provides a free interface on Android, iPhone and Windows PC’s. However, as with most websites, the “free” means you get basic features, and the “paid” means you get access to full features. MeetMe has more than just online dating; it’s a game playing platform that lets users interface over iOS, Android and Windows. However, the downside is that the search is very basic since the profile data is very basic. As such, it is a neat little dating and playing site platform, but it cannot compete with the big dating sites with all their data management advantages.

MeetMe is a public traded company on Nasdaq.

Now let stake a look at some of the common issues with MeetMe and provide a solution for each instance.

Issues with Logging In

Sometimes you encounter an error message or an issue logging into your account, this can be from any platform, and each platform has its own solution.

For smartphone apps, consider the following generic solution that is cross-platform solving:


  1. Delete the app
  2. Shut off your phone and then open it after 30 seconds
  3. Download the app and install it again from the store
  4. Try to log in again.

Remove Recent Updates

Try to roll back to an earlier version of the app. that worked.

Original App.

If you downloaded the app from an unknown source, not the official Google Store or iPhone app store, then delete the app you have and only download it from the original site or store.

Open a New Profile

Sometimes old profiles are blocked, or the IP address is blocked. If you don’t want to play around with your router and Proxies or VPN’s then just register a new account. If, after you register the new account the problem persists, then you must contact MeetMe customer support.

Facebook Issues

If you cannot access MeetMe through your Facebook account profile, it means that either your browser has issues, or your profile was removed. MeetMe performs security runs and checks for scam/spam profiles. Sometimes IP addresses are linked to spam profiles, and if you are unfortunate enough to sit on such an IP address, you might be removed. There are two options to solve this, either use a different browser to tackle the browser issue or open a new account using your Facebook profile.

Resetting the IP Address

Sometimes the issue with MeetMe is in your dynamic IP address, which is set by your router. Unless you have a static IP address, which is a different issue, you will need to perform the following to reset your IP address to a new one.

  1. Turn of your router, disconnect it from the mains for a minute.
  2. Close the app.
  3. Reconnect the router.
  4. Open the app.
  5. This should give you a new IP address and solve the issue.

If not, or if you have a static IP address, you will need to contact MeetMe support.

Contacting MeetMe Support

If these steps don’t work, then contact MeetMe support. You can contact them via email too using their support address:

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