Guitar Apps
Guitar Apps

Whether you have just started learning the instrument, or been around in the gigs for years, you need to practice for hours a day using different methods because every technique is useful in its way. Also, even if playing with backing tracks is a convenient way to simulate a banding experience in the recording studio and on stage, then also I recommend you to try out and combine multiple ways for the best result. However, now the question arises is how you can play the guitar with backing tracks? The answer to this is below are the four different methods to play the guitar with backing tracks:


Almost every guitar teacher ask you to play with a metronome which is no doubt indeed a tedious task, but the constant cowbell sound of the metronome will force you to focus on the core at zero distraction. Also, when you desire to hone your basic techniques such as scale and picking, then a metronome is your best friend. So, pay attention to the guitar tone and velocity to maintain your steadiness.

Guitar Book and CD

At some point down the road of your musicianship, you will come across multiple guitar books along with CDs containing a dozen backing tracks produced by professional guitarists and tutors who know how to teach. Therefore, you must follow the examples and riff-by-riff instructions mentioned in the books written by professionals because it is beneficial for you if you are a beginner. Moreover, limiting the selection and style of music serve as a great transition material to help you get out of the greenhouse and face the real world.


Probably, there are more than one million guitar videos available on YouTube. However, many of them which are recorded by webcams without serious scripting does not worth your time. Thus figure out pros who make channels. Also, figure out guitar-based videos to learn the multiple perspectives of the same topic, and regarding backing tracks, search for specific key and tempo to have a 10-minute fun time without paying a dime.

However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is YouTube is also a general-purpose platform where you can easily get distracted by other things so, sometimes you end up watching a gaming video in the middle of your practice. Therefore, use YouTube as a supporting channel only for your training. For instance, watch a YouTube video only when you want to know how Phrygian mode works in your favorite songs. Otherwise, practice the techniques taught by pros on your own.

Online Music Software

You can also use online musical software such as Soundwhich which provide an enormous range of customized royalty free music free of charge to attract a large community of guitarists across the globe. As, multiple musicians require an online platform as a collaborative workshop to experiment new fusion styles, and to play a part of forms according to the same chord progression.

Therefore, being a guitarist, this platform suits you the most.

Because the idea of this website is to provide a platform where everything is in sync and mix with others to customize ones backing track using the music of other people. For instance, you can combine either rock drums, electric bass, rhythm guitar or some strings with your solo guitar performance over the mix. You can also take reference from other artists to add the guitar solo of others in your video and to learn how you think differently and from the comparison, you can figure out where you stand.

The above are the four best methods to follow to play the guitar with backing tracks so, combine these methods into your practice routine to learn how to play the guitar. Since you have acquired adequate information about the best practices, now let us check out the best apps to follow to play the guitar with backing tracks:

The Best Apps to Chase to Play Guitar with Backing Tracks

A backing track is an audio recording on either audiotape, CD or a MIDI recording of synthesized instruments. Also, it is a purely rhythmic accompaniment which live musicians use while playing or singing. However, with the passage of time, backing tracks have come a long way from the old CDs and cassettes. Also, nowadays you can see several versions of the same song such as one with the lead melody, several versions in different keys without the lead melody, and many more on a CD.

Moreover, these accompaniment tracks are versatile because you can practice playing melody, comping, or soloing without worrying about the rhythm section getting bored. However, earlier artists used to face difficulty while using backing tracks, but nowadays numerous music apps have made the use of backing tracks easier than ever. Features of these applications such as looping, selecting any key, and changing tempos allow you to jam with the type of background track you desire. To shed light on this, below is the list of top backing track apps for guitar along with their platform:

  • AmpKit by Agile Partners

Platform: iOS

Ampkit by Agile Partners is a high-powered package of effects, multi-track recording, online sharing, tuner, and metronome whom New York Times and Wired have reviewed thoroughly. The company has built this software with low latency and excellent performance. Therefore, recent versions of the app are getting high reviews. Most importantly, this app also can play background tracks from iTunes while jamming along.

  • Guitar Jam Tracks by Ninebuzz

Platform: iOS and Android

Guitar Jam Tracks by Ninebuzz is a scale trainer, practice buddy, and the most popular app of the ‘Jam Tracks’ series of apps from Ninebuzz. Initially, the company geared this version at beginner guitarists to figure out how to use scales over chord changes which later on made this app an excellent solution for scale training. Not only this application provides guides to scales but also breaks down the chord changes. Also, it offers you with five jam-along tracks to make your start convenient for you. Whereas, additional tracks require In-App purchasing and for specific styles, you need to check out the Jam Tracks apps for Acoustic Blues, Humbucker Blues, Rock, Jazz, or Reggae.

  • Chordbot by Contrasonic AB

Platform: iOS and Android

Chordbot by Contrasonic AB is a songwriting and practice tool which gives you an opportunity to create backing tracks on your own by selecting chords to create a chord progression rather than choosing a comping pattern. Also, by using these building blocks, you can either create your sections, loops, or entire song structures which helps in songwriting and creating a solo groove. Additionally, this app is well laid out and easy to use.

  • JamUp Pro by Positive Grid

Platform: iOS

Similar to AmpKit, JamUp Pro by Positive Grid is a multi-purpose app with effects, amp modeling, and a phrase sampler which allows you to access tracks from your iTunes library for jamming. This app works thoroughly with the full range of iOS audio interfaces such as the IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig. However, this app is a bit pricey for the premium quality and advanced features and requires In-App Purchasing for additional expansion packs.

  • JamPlay App by JamPlay, LLC

Platform: iOS and Android

The JamPlay app by JamPlay, LLC is a complete solution to get excellent video lessons in different guitar styles and skill levels. Also, the app includes a large chord library, tuner, metronome, and backing tracks which you can use to practice your scale skills.

  • Pro Band by David J Chura

Platform: iOS

The Pro Band by David J Chura offers you with the backing tracks made from real and live studio musicians without using midi tracks or synthesized loops. The best thing about this app is even though the company has recorded backing tracks live; still, you can change the key and tempo for each track. The free app comes with two tracks; however, for more soundtracks, you have to buy In-App Purchasing.

  • Jammit by Jammit, Inc.

Platform: iOS

The Jammit by Jammit, Inc. acknowledges you to play along with original multitrack recordings from famous artists. Also, the app lowers the guitar track from the original multitrack recording to allow you to jam along in their place. Therefore, if you want to make your guitar tone sound like the original recordings, then surely install Jammit app.

  • Tabs and Chords by Ultimate Guitar

Platform: iOS and Android

If you need a quick tab and do not have spare time to learn the songs by ear, then turn to Tabs and Chords by Ultimate Guitar because this app not only provides you with a massive database of tabs but also you can learn lots of songs through it. Everything from Metallica to Led Zeppelin is available on this app. However, for an extra fee, pick up guitar tools such as a metronome, a tuner, lesson packs and many more.

  • Guitar Pro by Guitar Pro

Platform: iOS

Guitar Pro is the best application to use when it comes to tabs. Also, you can write tons of notation in this app and then send the files to your phone. The best part about this application is the songs play in a MIDI resembling sounding way which makes it helpful if you try to pick apart a phrase.

  • Fender Tune by Fender Digital

Platform: iOS

Fender Tune by Fender Digital is the best tuner for every guitarist. Also, this app is accurate to tune an electric, acoustic or bass guitar. Even it allows alternate tunings. The best part about this application is it is entirely free.

  • Chord by Chord

Platform: iOS


Similar to Guitar Grimoire series of books, Chord by Chord means having a chord, scale, and tuning dictionary right in your pocket. Using this application, you can build complex chords and scales you have never played before. Also, this app is an invaluable resource for every type of player. Therefore, use this beautiful application as a quick reference tool.

  • Jam Up by Positive Grid

Platform: iOS

Jam Up by Positive Grid along with Jam Up offers you with tons of amp, cabinet, and effects models to string together. Also, with Bias, you can make your custom amp head.

  • iReal Pro by iReal Pro

Platform: iOS and Android


iReal Pro by iReal Pro is a fantastic app which looks similar to old jazz charts right on your phone. It is a simple backing track app possessing presets covering everything from Bossa Nova to Blues, Odd Meters and many more. Also, iReal Pro is a powerful accompaniment machine and easy to use. So, if you want to make your backing track, then tap your chord changes into the templates available on this app.


To conclude, these apps are perfect for practicing the guitar. You can merely throw on a pair of headphones and play all night as these amps sound not only good but also these apps will make you a better guitarist. One of the best features of these apps is the Tone Cloud presets. Also, you can download the sounds of famous guitar players and utilize them for your playing.  At last, no doubt all these apps are suitable for guitar players, but being a musician, you must know the why behind what you are playing. Because the number one in guitar practice is persistence and there exists no single best source for guitar backing tracks. So, it is crucial for you to practice on a regular basis. Make sure you remember the drawback of these applications that to take advantage of advanced features of these applications, you need to opt In-App purchasing.

Author Bio: Jean Jennings is the content creator of “Soundwhich” which is an online music portal, and with a vast collection of royalty-free music provides a comfortable, affordable, flexible and creative pace to its users to customize soundtrack for YouTube videos, ads, TV programs, and games.