You need to learn how to write a creative essay as it’s essential for admission or scholarship decisions.

To most students, they find writing essays as a dreaded task. For most of these essays, a student has to write might be for contests, class, and even scholarships, but the students claim that the task is overwhelming.

An easy might be a large project, but some steps students have to take can help in breaking the tasks and have manageable parts depending on the purpose.

However, every student has to achieve greater things in life. So, the classwork has to be part of the achievement. The moment the students lack enough time to develop an essay on themselves, there is always better assistance with essay writing service.

In this article, I will give the best steps that a student should consider while writing an essay:

Choosing A Topic

Here it depends on the essay. Sometimes, you’re assigned the topic of the essay while other times, you have a chance to pick the topic of your choice. For a given topic, here you need to think about how your paper should be creative. So, do the paper that you have to produce be on a specific analysis or only a general overview of the topic or subject? If it will be necessary, narrow the subject.

On the other hand, if you have to choose your topic on the subject of choice, the best thing has to come from you. So, it’s an opportunity of writing a relevant or interesting topic. But, you start by defining your purpose. Do you need a persuasive or informative essay?

After determining the purpose of the essay, you get into research on the topic that is intriguing. You can think about life, things that you find exciting and jot the subjects down.

When done, evaluate the options you’re having. For example, if you aim at educating, then pick a subject you have studied. For a persuading goal, the passionate subject should be a priority here. But, it doesn’t depend on the mission of the essay, but the topic has to be interesting.

Outlining The Ideas

If you have to write a successful essay, first, organize your thoughts. You put what is in your mind by drafting on paper. By doing so, the connections and links between your ideas will become clear.

However, it’s a structure that will serve as the foundation of your essay. You need to use a diagram or even an outline, and write down the ideas and then organize them.

If it’s about a diagram, your topic should be on the middle page. Start drawing lines branching off from the chosen topic. The ideas should be written at the end of the lines. Create more lines from the ideas and put all the thoughts you’ve about the ideas.

On the other hand, for an outline, the chosen topic has to be on top. Start then listing the many ideas and leave spaces between the ideas. Also, put small ideas that have a relation with each other. If you do so, there will be connections that can help you have an organized essay.

Coming Up With A Thesis Statement

After coming up with a topic, relevant ideas, and sorter everything into the correct category, the next step is coming up with a thesis statement. It’s this statement that will educate the reader on the objective of your essay. You choose the main ideas from the outline or diagram.

Here, this thesis statement needs to have two parts. For the first part, it has to state the topic while the second is about the point of the essay. For example, you could have chosen to write about Barack Obama and show his impact on the US. The appropriate thesis could be, “Barack Obama has impacted the future of the United States through his presidential terms.”

Writing The Body

In this section, it has to explain, describe, and argue about your topic. Each of the ideas that you have written on the diagram or your outline has to be a separate section in this section of the essay.

For each paragraph, it also has to use the same basic structure. You start with the main ideas of the introductory sentence. The next should be supporting ideas that come in sentence format, but later, you can come and give detailed examples that will back the position. You will have to fill the spaces using relative information that can help to link smaller ideas.

Writing Introduction

After developing the thesis and body structure of the essay, the next step is writing a creative and eye-catching introduction. Let the introduction attract the readers and be focused on the essay.

In this section, you need an attention grabber. You need to use shocking information, a quote, a story, a simple summary, or dialogue if your topic. It doesn’t matter the angle that you’ll choose, but the introduction has to tie with the thesis statement and include the last statement of the introduction.

Writing Conclusion

The conclusion is the closure of your essay and has to sum up all the ideas and give a final perspective about the topic. For an end, it should have at least three or five strong sentences. But, you have to review your main points and then provide a reinforcement of the thesis.

Adding Final Touches

After the conclusion, the essay isn’t complete yet. So, you need to have attention to the small details.

You can check at the order of your paragraphs. Ensure the most substantial points are at your first and last paragraphs that lie on the body, and the others have to be distributed in the middle. Besides, the paragraph order has to make sense.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, you have to review what you have put down. Proofread the paper as an essay writing expert does when hired. The sentence flow has to be smooth and use phrases that easily connect your ideas and thoughts. The essay should be spelling and grammar mistakes free.