Twitter is a very popular networking service in the world, which has numerous customers. From sports to politics – it covers everything. However many people do not know about its hidden features and in this article, we will talk about them.

1. Read private messages unnoticed

There are situations when you viewed a message but don’t want or cannot give a quick reply. If you do not want your interlocutors to blame you for ignoring, turn off reading notifications. As a result, the blue checkmarks disappear in the correspondence – and other users will not know whether you are viewing their messages or not. On the other hand, you will not be able to determine whether your messages are read.

2. Protect your account with 2-step verification

No matter how strong your password is, it can be hacked. Therefore, many services support 2-step authentication. This function allows you to choose how to obtain a verification code, for example, through a special application or SMS. Each time you enter your account, the system will send you a new code, which you will have to enter as an addition to the password.

3. Filter unwanted tweets

If you are afraid of spoilers for a new television hit or don’t want to read, for example, about politics, specify stop words in the settings. Tweets that contain them will not get into the feed and notifications.

This is a very popular feature for people involved in finances. Investment companies allow their customers to view the most important information for them or a tweet someone created. Essentially, this feature allows you to keep up to date with pivotal information. Forex brokers with MT4, for instance, encourage their clients to use this tool to have a decent understanding of what is going on in the financial market.

4. Ignore unwanted users

If the user bothers you or is simply not very interesting, you can unsubscribe from him and even block his account. But what to do when it comes to a friend you don’t want to hurt? Just add it to the ignored list. Tweets and user actions will be lost from your feed and notifications, but they won’t know about it.

In November 2019 Twitter has also added “hide replies” function, further improving the network’s features.

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5. Ignore entire categories of users

Twitter allows you to ignore not only specific users but also all accounts that match the selected criteria. For example, you can turn off notifications about comments and other actions of people you don’t read, which is convenient for users with a large number of subscribers. You can also ignore accounts with unconfirmed contact details or without avatars, which helps against bots.

6. Disconnect suspicious services from the account

For many years, users can sign up for various services and applications using their Twitter accounts. At the same time, each such resource gains access to certain account data, which may be unsafe. Check which sources you connected your profile to and block unnecessary ones.

7. Prevent Twitter from sending you emails

It’s worth giving the social network freedom – and it will flood your mail with a huge number of letters about new likes and tweets. Fortunately, newsletters can be turned off. You don’t miss a thing anyway: Twitter sends similar information through push notifications

8. Save mobile traffic

If you have limited mobile traffic or too low speed for heavy media files, try turning on economy mode. Twitter will stop automatically playing videos and reduce the quality of pictures. But it will work faster and load fewer data.

9. Disable unwanted notification types

Twitter sends notifications for any reason. You got a like, you were mentioned, noted in the photo – the application will let you know. Fortunately, the social network offers flexible settings. You can choose which events you need to be notified about and turn off unnecessary signals.

10. Subscribe to other people’s lists

Each Twitter user can create a list of people he or she is interested in (for example, scientists, musicians, or film critics) to read their posts in a separate thematic feed. The social network also allows you to subscribe to other people’s lists. This makes it a great platform for finding new sources of content.